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barneys farm critical kush phenotypes

Barneys farm critical kush phenotypes
Thanks for chiming in. That looks like it might be my phenotype 2. A few questions..
Is the plant growing in a balanced fashion? Meaning leaf and grow tips are the same size on each side?
Would it be possible to get a few photos in regular light?
Thank you very much for taking the time to snap some photos and share information. I really appreciate it.
Cheers for now
Some thoughts at this point.
Does anyone know which of these two phenos performs better or what the end game differences are?
Ours is growing larger on one side. Ill see if I can snap a piccie.
This is the new grow tips emerging from a node. Usually they are the same size. But not in this case as you can see.
Hey, I currently have Barneys Critical Kush on the go. 2 Phenotypes have emerged. One which is smaller with narrow leaves and the other, larger with…