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In addition to the ICE Currency Exchange stores located inside the airport, you can find many other stores throughout Los Angeles, offering a range of services aimed at travelers entering the country and U.S. travelers headed overseas. While the exchange rate you’ll get at a bank is generally fixed, meaning it doesn’t fluctuate throughout the day, other currency exchange stores may change rates with the market. Call ahead to find out rates, but keep in mind the rate you are told over the phone and the rate you might receive could be different since rates are periodically updated.
For more information, call 310-646-0553.
As in any large city, you can find a wide variety of ATMs throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area at banks, shopping centers, and near tourist attractions. If you need help finding an ATM, check with your bank to see if it offers an ATM locator app, or search your smart phone’s app store. You can also check your bank’s website on your smartphone.
ICE Currency Exchange operates 11 locations within the LAX airport:
Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a credit card is usually the best option for many purchases–especially larger ones, such as your hotel. More and more banks are offering credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, so if you travel frequently, it’s a good idea to get one. However, some cards impose a 2% to 3% fee on international transactions, which can add to the overall cost of your trip. Please check the fee listings with your financial services provider or your credit card company.
Los Angeles hosted more than 50 million visitors during 2018. LA saw record numbers of visitors from China with 1.2 million and 1.8 million people from Mexico. International tourists represented more than 20% of total overnight visitors and generated over $6.5 billion in spending.
You won’t get the best exchange rates at LAX–or any other airport, for that matter. However, if you only need a small amount of cash in your pocket to get your trip started, the convenience may be worth it. If you want a larger amount, an ATM or one of the currency exchange stores located in town will likely give you a better deal. To find out the current exchange rate for your currency, use an online currency converter.
If you’re traveling to the U.S. and plan on arriving in Los Angeles (LA) at LAX airport, you’ll likely need U.S. currency for cash purchases, such as a coffee or bottle of water. If you’re traveling abroad from the U.S, you may want to have foreign currency on hand to pay for taxis and small purchases.
Whether you plan on exchanging currency at the airport, an ATM, or a local foreign currency provider, we’ve outlined several options located in Los Angeles.
When you need U.S. dollars in the City of Angels, here's the way to get them.