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baking with kief

Baking with kief

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I design cannabis-cooking classes and recipes with the taste of the food, and the aromatic terpenes of cannabis in mind. If you don’t already know, terpenes are what provide the very distinct odor and flavor to each cannabis plant. There are a variety of scents associated with different terpenes, including berry, mint, pine, citrus…and even cheese. Although each strain contains a resident terpene combination which lends itself to certain flavors, I have found (so far) that a light concentration of terpenes goes well with many flavors.
Before the days of legalization, many methods or techniques for making cannabutter had no real basis in cooking, as the primary goal was simply to infuse a fat with THC. The most commonly used methods generally stink up your living space, turned the butter an unsavory green or brown color, and had a terribly strong cannabis flavor. Nobody needs that concentration of terpenes in their food!

Use this Complete Guide to Marijuana Edibles to answer questions and curiosities about eating cannabis, and how the effects are different than with other consumption methods.
Kief is my best friend when it comes to cooking with cannabis. Though kief, the shiny and unprocessed yet still very cannabinoid concentrated resin glands off of the actual buds, still contains terpenes, it does not impart quite the punch of cannabis flavor to food that extracting a fresh bud will. It is also much more quickly prepped for cooking.
Before making the kief butter, you must first decarboxylate the kief.
I am a chef in Seattle. Specifically, I am a chef instructor for the public. I teach at my home in Capitol Hill, and also travel around the state to teach people how to cook in their own homes. I want food to taste good, not just get you stoned (although that is a pleasurable side-effect).
The liners will pop right off, are reusable, and each one is naturally 1/4 cup = 4 Tbsps, leaving it incredibly easy to measure for your next recipe. This butter will stay good in the freezer for up to 6 months.

To prep any type of cannabis for cooking, it must go through decarboxylation , or decarbing. That’s a long word that means we apply heat for a set amount of time in order to activate the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC . Kief is a 10 minute prep time, it melts readily into fats and requires no straining of plant material.

Kief Butter Recipe Published on September 18, 2017, By Chef Ricky Flickenger Marijuana Knowledge Base Marijuana Recipes Originally Published September 9th, 2015. Before the days of

Baking with kief

Chef Ricky will travel to your home kitchen to teach a class. He also does sessions out of his Capitol Hill condo. People in States that are not Washington, Oregon, Colorado or Alaska (plus D.C.) only wish that they could have Chef Ricky come over. But that might mean jail for them. It is the world we live in right now. Brownies and freedom for some. Jail for others.

Gather the following ingredients:
Soft Butter, for greasing the pan
Flour, for dusting the buttered pan
4 large Eggs
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Brown sugar
8 ounces melted, Unsalted Canna Butter
1 1/4 cups Dark Cocoa
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 cup AP Flour
1/2 tsp Kosher Salt
We interrupt this pot shop blog article to bring you a great kitchen tip from Chef Ricky. “When breaking open eggs crack them not on the edge of a bowl or table but on a flat surface. Cracking them at an angle can create tiny shell shards that shoot back in to the egg. A flat surface provides a way for the shell to crack evenly and in large pieces.”

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Butter and flour an 8-inch pan.
Chef Ricky’s Evil Pot Brownies
He wants you to keep a lid on the kief so that what little water vapor is in there doesn’t take some of the valuable terpenes with it when it evaporates. He used color coded ovenproof cupcake cups and each student was assigned a different color.
In addition to brownies students made lemon curd (with Chef Ricky’s indispensable microplane grater for zesting the lemon), cannabis pie crust (pate brisee) for bacon, shrimp and jalapeno hand pies (oh hell yeah!) and bruschetta with THC olive oil.
After almost three hours of cooking and sampling, everybody went away happy.

Chef Ricky’s secret to cooking with cannabis is to use kief – because you get more bang for your buck. Using buds is fine but it will cost you more when the day is done. And kief is the good stuff – rich in terpenes and THC.

The secret to marijuana brownies is to make the marijuana brownies with kief. These words of wisdom come from Chef Ricky Flickenger – a caterer and former head