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bahia seeds

Bahia seeds

Build on the traditional strengths of Bahiagrass lawns with Pennington Argentine Bahiagrass Penkoted grass seed. Ideal for full sun lawns in the Southern Coastal Plain and Gulf Coast regions, this superior deep-rooting variety offers homeowners excellent heat, drought and disease tolerance. Compared to ordinary Bahiagrass, Pennington Argentine Bahia delivers finer texture, denser growth and darker color—and it tolerates light frost.

Traffic Tolerance: Good
Drought Tolerance: Excellent

Undesirable Lawns
Rid your lawn of undesirable grasses following the steps below so that you can establish a desirable lawn:

  • During any growing season, spray the established undesirable turf with a nonselective herbicide labeled for lawn use. Follow the directions on the label.
  • After the lawn turns brown, continue with your seeding program as outlined above. Be sure to start with a soil test or a complete lawn fertilizer.

Shade Tolerance: Low
Overseeding or Reseeding
Before overseeding, it is important to prepare the soil. Conduct a soil test to be sure your lawn has the proper balance of nutrients. Fertilize and lime if needed. Mow or clip the existing grass as closely as possible. Remove clippings and rake, harrow lightly or aerate the soil where there is existing lawn. This will allow the new seed to make contact with the soil. Sow the seed and gently rake to cover. Keep the lawn moist until seedlings are established, then water as needed.
Daily Light Required: Full sun (8+ hours of daily sun)
Planting Zones: 10; lower parts of zone 9

Grass Color: Light green

Grows in sunny areas along the Southern Coastal Plain and Gulf Coast regions. Like Pensacola Bahiagrass, it is durable and resistant to drought and light frost but grows greener and denser.

Bahia seeds

Tropically adapted grasses come in a wide range of species adapted to varying conditions. Many summer crops grown today are annual tropical grasses. Perennial tropical grasses offer the same benefits in terms of growth response to moisture & temperature and dry matter production.

Pensacola Bahia grass is suitable as a permanent pasture for intensive grazing and for hay production particularly in the higher rainfall areas. Due to its aggressive and soil binding root system, it is also suitable for erosion control.
Adaptation – grows well in rainfall zones of 700mm – 1,500mm and prefers light textured and well drained soils. It can tolerate salinity up to 4,500 ppm, growth can be adversely affected by higher than this level of salinity.

North and South Americas.
Seed dormancy – can be a problem especially in freshly harvested seeds.
Uses – when grown for grazing, it combines well with legumes and appears relatively tolerant to shading. Grazing or hay in an intensive system requiring input of water and fertiliser. Due to its prostrate growth habit, it is also suitable as amenity turf or as a ground cover for erosion control.
Seeding Rate
Seeds are small – seed coating will improve seeding operation and establishment.

Bare seeds at 3-5kg/ha
Coated seeds at 4-8kg/ha

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