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automatic white widow

Title : Alle sind am Leben!
Comment : Einfach Top! Alle fünf Samen sind “Grün”, und schon fast 12 cm hoch! In 15 Stunden habe ich schon erste Blätter gesehen! Danke.

Title : Top
Comment : 5 sur 5 germees. Grow facile et high tres bon avec un super gout ! Au top !
Title : top
Comment : tout bien reçu pour collection avec plein de cadeaux

Title : White Widow Auto
Comment : I received and planted 3 of these seeds 9 weeks ago. 2 of them are about 120cm tall, and the third is around 70cm. The taller plants are one or two weeks behind in their bud development. The lowest plant is going to be a heavy yielder with real thick and dense buds. Im not even sure the two taller plant actually is ww or some other strain. The buds on the taller ones seem to be more spread out and have a slightly different shape. This is my first grow btw, maybe they can differ that much, I don’t know. Overall I am really pleased with the seeds and royal queen seeds! This is where I will do any future purchases
Title : White Widow Automatic
Comment : Kiváló magok, tökéletes növény fejlődött belőlük 🙂
Title : White Widow Automatic
Comment : It is early days for this White Widow grow but all seeds germinated (I’ve not yet had a seed from RQS that has failed) and all looks good. I wanted to try White Widow as this is advertised as a comparatively short plant (expected at around 50cm) and, with limited height in my grow tent setup, I have had issues with taller strains getting burned by heat from the lamp. If all goes according to expectations this will probably become my strain of choice.
Title : Super !
Comment : Les 3 graines ont prit ! Elles sont désormais grande belle et coriace je recommande !
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