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autoflowering 12 12

Autoflowering 12 12
Normally with photoperiod plants, you would optimally use more blue lights for the vegetative period and more red lights for your plant during the flowering period. With auto-flowering strains, you can follow the same principle by using the blue lights before the plant has shown signs of its gender, and then switch to more red lights once you see the first signs of gender.
HPS grow lights are the most popular grow light for the flowering stage, with good reason. They are one of the most efficient grow lights available today (as far as electricity used for density/yields produced – even more efficient than most LED grow lights), they’re cheap to start with, they’re just the right color spectrum for optimal flowering, and they’re more standardized and intuitive to use than many other types of grow lights. Learn more about finding the right size HPS for your space
Yes, it’s okay and your auto will grow just fine on a 12/12 schedule… except for one thing. Because your auto is getting less light each day, it isn’t able to make as much energy to power growth and you’ll end up with a smaller plant and reduced yields compared to if you’d given more light a day.
18/6 Pros
How Much Light to Give Autos Each Day
One of the really great things about autos is how they’re able to give you pretty impressive yields in such a short amount of time. Part of the way they accomplish this is you’re able to give the plant 18 hours of light a day to power buds, so buds get 50% more light and grow faster than they would under 12/12. By giving your autos 12/12 you’re not using them to their full advantage. That being said, if you don’t mind reduced yields they’ll grow just fine! And it can be fun to stick an extra plant in the tent and let it do its thing!
I personally haven’t seen evidence of that, and at least in my experience autoflowering cannabis plants seem to do great getting 24 hours of a light a day.
Unlike photoperiod plants where you have to provide special light schedules to get the plant to start making buds, auto-flowering marijuana strains automatically start making buds and are ready to harvest in about 3 months from seed, regardless of what light schedule received.

  • Cannabis plants typically grow faster when they get 24 hours light/day, especially during the first month of life.
  • A good choice if it gets cold and you don’t want lights to turn off! Keeping the lights on 24 hours a day can prevent the grow space from getting as cold at night
  • If plants are very healthy and growing fast, it doesn’t matter if they’re more resistant to problems

Most strains of marijuana rely on the amount of light, or their light schedule, to determine when to start flowering. "Auto-Flowering" varieties of cannabis have different light requirements…
Autoflowering 12 12
3. Short flowering time is what autoflowering cannabis strains using the process of 12/12 light cycle composed of. The reason why cannabis growers prefer this is because of the efficiency it provides.
2. Low tetrahydrocannabinol is another factor. This is neutral whether if it is an advantage or disadvantage. This is a good thing if you will be using cannabis for the sake of medicine but if you are seeking recreational pleasure, we bet you would not be satisfied because of its low to no psychoactive effects.
2. There are no changes in the photoperiod required. The change in the process of acquiring light is not required to change. It will flower abundantly regardless of the sudden change in a light cycle that is its unique characteristic as compared to cannabis Sativa and Indica in which change in light cycles is required in order to cause flowering.
Indica and Sativa strains rely on photoperiod. This means that an autoflower light cycle 1212 and dark ratio are necessary for its growth. Temperature-wise, autoflowering cannabis strains are more temperable. It can thrive indoor and outdoor growth and adjust to any environmental condition. If you may ask, how much light does autoflowering cannabis strains require? To be honest with you, with or without a 12-12 light cycle, this strain will be able to bloom.
* Autoflowering cannabis strain is compact and does not grow tall and wide. That is why it is best to grow them indoors as they do not take so much space. Another advantage is that it’s easy to maintain, so even if you are not the best gardener, you will be able to grow this plant.
In contrary to what autoflowering cannabis strains can offer are the disadvantages it is acquainted with. You have to bear in mind these factors in order to avoid discrepancies in terms of growth and effects. These are the possible factors why autoflowering cannabis is not suggested for the 12/12 light cycle.
The average time for cannabis plants to flower is around 10 to 11 weeks depending on its classification. Some even take longer depending on the strain and growing environment. Today, there are strains, such as auto-flowering, that can be grown in a short period of time. This is the fulfillment of a dream for cannabis connoisseurs. Most especially for those who grow cannabis for business. The shorter flowering time means early harvest for growers and faster turnover of marijuana cropping.
Why should you grow autoflowering cannabis strains using the 12/12 light cycle? What makes it more efficient in terms of sales and utilization? The 12/12 light cycle to be used on autoflowering cannabis strains is one of the options. Why? This classification of cannabis requires changing in light schedules.
1. The buds of an autoflower strain are not as big as the ones with that have substantial light exposure. In addition, because autoflowering are genetically smaller, they appear to be more of a bush than a tree.
Learn why it is best for autoflower light cycle 1212 lighting method necessary for marijuana growth. Keep reading this article and best guide here.