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Sick of light cycle-dependent seeds? Want EASY autoflower strains? Here are the strongest and highest-yielding BEST autoflowering seeds (FREE shipping + deals) Grow a pound by this fall with the latest autoflower seeds from Humboldt Seed Co, Mephisto, Nite Owl Seeds, and Runtz autos from Gas Reaper. We present our catalogue of autoflower cannabis seeds: the best selection of automatic strains for those growers looking for simplicity and speed who aren’t willing to sacrifice on quality. Our team of breeders has placed a special emphasis on creating high-quality autoflowering genetics that showcase truly unique traits, resulting in real cannabis jewels that definitely deserve a place in your grow. Discover below all the features of our autoflowering varieties and buy now your Seedstockers’ seeds on our website at the best price.

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If there’s one thing that both rookie and expert cannabis growers love, it’s growing auto-flowering seeds.

Not only are they easy to grow, but they’re also fit for indoor and outdoor cultivation. They’re fast-blooming and very low maintenance.

That said, you and I know they can be quite expensive sometimes…

This is why we’ve made this list of the best autoflower seeds from reputable seed banks.

We’ve made sure to include autoflower strains with high THC (up to 27%), good yields (up to 650g), and most importantly, good prices and deals (as low as $4/seed).

Let’s get started.

Best Autoflower Seeds for Sale: First Look and Reviews

    – Best auto seeds overall (free US shipping) – Refreshing, potent strain (from $5/seed) – Original medical cannabis strain with 5% CBD – Whole body relaxation – Ready to harvest in only 9 weeks (from $4/seed) – Strong Indica strain for tension relief – Sit back and watch a good movie – High 27% THC auto seeds – High yields of up to 650 g/m2 – Feel on top of the world

1. White Widow (ILGM) – Best Autoflower Seeds Overall

Auto White Widow has been the favorite autoflowering strain of novice and advanced growers since the 1990s.

It’s the brainchild of Green House Seeds and exhibits the best characteristics of its parents – the South Indian Indica strain and Brazilian Sativa Landrace.

With two highly potent Indica and Sativa cannabis strains mixed into one, you can expect a nice balance starting with cerebral stimulation followed by a mellow and soothing feeling.

This Indica-dominant hybrid has about 19% THC, but you won’t experience the typical couch-look effect of other Indica varieties. Instead, you’ll get a gentle bliss of relaxation and happiness marked by a pungy and earthy aroma.

Are you feeling stressed?

Well, you should know that White Widow is almost the best auto strain to unwind and forget your worries since it generally doesn’t lead to anxiety or paranoia.

In terms of growth, this 1995 Cannabis Cup winner is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, as well as sunny and cool climates. It’s compact and blooms automatically without light manipulation.

Finally, with only 10 weeks from seed to harvest, even beginner growers could be smoking the delicious White Widow in no time.

2. Lemon OG Haze (Seedsman) – Best Autoflower to Grow Indoors

Tracing its roots back to the Lemon OG, Haze #1, and AK-48 strains, Lemon OG Haze is one of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds.

I’ll be honest − even though it’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor growers, you’ll find it much easier to cultivate indoors.

This predominantly Sativa strain exhibits a lemon-like aroma and taste with small hints of pine. Puffing it will make you remember what it’s like to sip a refreshing glass of lemonade in the scorching heat.

What about potency?

Well, Lemon OG Haze has up to 20% THC and around 5% CBD, making its effects quite vivid. You’ll experience a racy yet clear and uplifting feeling during your first few puffs. But the Indica component of this strain also brings out relaxing effects after a while.

With roughly 20 hours of light exposure, you can get high yields reaching 425 g/m2. You’ll also see its flowers blooming between its 10th and 12th week.

3. Jack Herer (ILGM) – The Original Medicinal Autoflower

If you’re hoping to feel empowered and have plenty of happy thoughts at the same time, the Jack Herer auto-flowering seed may just be ideal for you.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid initially acted as a medical cannabis strain before becoming a popular recreational strain. It’s well-loved because of its impressive effects and easy growing conditions.

Speaking about effects…

The Jack Herer strain has superior genetics that brings euphoria to your body almost immediately. And with up to 20% THC in one bud, you can expect its effects to linger for a while without being too overpowering.

It also boosts your creativity, mood, and energy. Just be careful because this strain can cause cottonmouth and, sometimes, anxiety.

Every puff will leave your mouth filled with hints of pine and spice. Jack Herer also has an aftertaste reminiscent of lemon and orange juice. You may even catch whiffs of cake and pepper.

4. Purple Kush (Crop King Seeds) – Best Autoflower Genetics

The Purple Kush autoflower cannabis seeds exhibit qualities reminiscent of Purple Afghani, OG Kush, and Hindu Kush.

It’s predominantly Indica and grows wide plants with thick dark green buds.

Several tokes of this Indica-Sativa-Ruderalis strain will leave you with a solid high. But you should know that the first few puffs may not be as soothing as you expect them to be. In addition, you might experience light coughing because of its high acidity.

Despite this, Purple Kush has a fruity and sweet aftertaste to neutralize this discomfort. You’ll also enjoy hints of berries, pepper, and sandalwood filling your room.

Do you have a hard time falling asleep?

Since this seed has a blend of Indica-Sativa and Ruderalis strains, you’ll experience a pleasurable feeling across your body and mind. But with 70% Indica, it’s an ideal cannabis strain for a peaceful and calming sleep.

Beginner growers beware: this strain is highly sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. But it has a high tolerance to molds and other common diseases.

5. Bubble Gum (Seedsman) – Fastest Autoflower Strain

Are you not the “patient” kind?

Well, Bubble Gum is for you. With the right amount of sunlight, the autoflowering strain takes only 9 weeks from seed to harvest.

Besides, it’s been around since 1993 and contains the top qualities most tokers want in fast buds.

For one, these feminized seeds exhibit an extremely fruity scent complemented by a sweet and lingering taste. In addition, it has palettes of strawberry, bubblegum, and cherry.

And when mixed, you’ll feel like you’ve had a refreshing fruit smoothie to start your day.

On top of its flavor and aroma profile, the Bubble Gum Autoflowering strain produces large and dense buds. That means you’ll feel your body relax with every puff.

6. Northern Lights (ILGM) – Best Indica Auto Flower Seeds

The Northern Lights autoflowering cannabis seed is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid bred from indigenous Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa strains.

It’s one of the all-time favorites and has given rise to the famous hybrid strain, Super Silver Haze.

Tokers will also enjoy puffing this strain’s buds. It exhibits a soothing feeling in your mouth, topped with a sweet and spicy scent.

You’ll be left with a euphoric high and relaxing body effects. Your stress, tension, and sleepiness should also disappear.

This Indica-dominant strain is beginner-friendly because it’s highly resistant to diseases, which makes up for the relatively longer flowering period of 10-14 weeks from seed to harvest.

For the best yields, we suggest growing it outdoors in a sunny climate.

7. Afghan (Crop King Seeds) – Best Autoflowering Seeds for Better Sleep

Do you want to sit back and relax?

If so, Afghan autoflower is perfect to watch a good movie. (or even a bad one, you’ll enjoy it anyway!)

Don’t let its relatively mild 17% THC content fool you − it is potent enough to make you feel a strong buzz followed by a soothing sensation.

A single puff of this Indica-dominant strain will bring in a wave of motivating feelings and end with a deep relaxation. It puts you in a state of trance and will cause you to laugh and smile more.

You can also expect a strong earthy aroma with slight hints of sweet and pine flavors. The Afghan autoflower cannabis seeds are also extremely resistant to molds and mildew and can be grown by inexperienced growers.

8. Gorilla Cookies (Herbies) – Most Potent Autoflower Strain (Strongest)

Do you know what strain combines the potency of Gorilla Glue and the flavor palette of Girl Scout Cookies?

Unlike the other autoflowering cannabis seeds we discussed, this strain has the highest THC content (up to a whopping 27%), so beginners should stay away from it.

Because of this THC dose, expect a wave of different emotions with an impressive aroma and flavor profile. It’s the best late-night and after-work strain if you want to get stoned.

Your first few puffs will make you taste mint chip cookies complemented by highly euphoric effects. You then get a well-balanced mix of sweet diesel, lemon, and kush on every exhale.

The Gorilla Cookies autoflower seed is compact and is ideal if your growing space isn’t too big. It can also resist most temperature, humidity changes, and pests. To get the most out of your auto seeds, outdoor cultivation is the best way to go.

9. Green Crack (Seed City) – Super Autoflowering Seeds with High Yields

The Green Crack autoflowering strain fills your body with a rush of mango-flavored adrenaline. It’s charged with immense energy, topped with an extremely fruity flavor.

As one of the most popular strains in the world, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is most suitable for daytime blazing sessions. It has up to 20% THC and low levels of CBD in every bud.

That’s enough to keep you going without ending up in a couch-lock.

Looking for high yields?

Well, you can expect this plant to grow snow-white buds with yields that reach up to 650 g/m2 after a short flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. This is quite impressive for an autoflowering version.

10. Sour Diesel (ILGM) – Best Auto Strain for Energy

With a blend of 40% Indica and 60% Sativa, the Sour Diesel autoflowering strain reaches up to 20% THC content. It’s an ideal go-to for stoners who want to achieve a psychedelic high.

Simply put − you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

You’ll also have good vibes and become more willing to take on new responsibilities.

The Sour Diesel Indica-Sativa autoflower has a strong aroma of diesel fuel. It also exhibits a pungent odor with small hints of herbal notes and sour lemon.

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Buying Guide − How to Pick the Best Autoflower Strains

Knowing the best autoflowering marijuana seeds in the market is not enough. Even though autoflowers are easier to grow than photoperiod seeds, there are still other things you need to look into when buying different strains.

Like photoperiod seeds and feminized seeds, auto strains all have their own potency and profile. They also have varying growing conditions to produce high yields.

Below are the most important factors to make sure you grow the right autoflowering plants:

Indica vs. Sativa Strain

Most auto seeds are either Indica- or Sativa-dominant. If your strain is Indica-dominant, expect relaxing and calming sensations. On the other hand, a Sativa-dominant strain will generally make you feel a euphoric high.

THC vs. CBD Level

The THC and CBD content of a strain can greatly impact your desired effects. Since THC is a psychoactive compound, strains with higher doses of THC will leave a solid and lasting high.

Meanwhile, those with higher CBD, a less psychoactive compound, will make you feel more relaxed and calm.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing

Some autoflowering strains grow wider rather than taller. Other strains may also thrive in different climates more effectively. That’s why it’s important to check your seed’s expected height and width and your local climate.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Only buy autoflowering strains from top seed banks. Genuine reviews from previous customers and multiple awards given by legitimate cannabis contests can be great indicators of a highly reputable seed bank.

Germination Guarantee

Although autoflowering strains grow more easily than other types of cannabis seeds, it’s still good practice to check whether your chosen autoflower seed bank offers a germination guarantee policy. With this, you can get a full refund or replacement if the auto seeds don’t grow as expected.

Stealth Packaging

Because of strict laws and regulations, some cannabis plants and seeds get seized by Customs. To minimize this type of occurrence, check if your seed bank has a stealth packaging option.

Best Autoflowering Strains and Seed Banks – FAQ

We gathered the top questions about autoflowering seeds from other rookie and professional cannabis growers.

Take a quick look through them and get higher yields during cultivation:

What Is the Highest Yielding Autoflower?

The Green Crack cannabis seeds from Seed City are the highest-yielding autoflower seeds on our list. They can yield up to 650 g/m2.

What Autoflower Seeds Grow the Fastest?

Bubble Gum autoflower seeds grow the fastest, with an average flowering time of only 9 weeks.

Who Has the Best Autoflowering Seeds?

ILGM has the best autoflowering seeds, with popular strains such as White Widow, Jack Herer, and Northern Lights.

What Is the Strongest Autoflower in the World?

Gorilla Cookies are the strongest autoflower seeds in the world, with THC levels reaching up to 27%.

What Seed Bank Has the Most Autoflowers?

Seedsman has the most autoflowers, with more than 1,000 different varieties. These include popular and rare autoflowering strains such as Pineapple Express, Alaskan Diesel, and Forbidden Runtz.

What Is the Best Way to Germinate Autoflower Seeds?

The best way to germinate autoflowering seeds is to use the paper towel method. With this simple method, the seeds will sprout within 24 to 48 hours.

What Is the Best Organic Soil Mix for Autoflowering Seeds?

The best organic soil mix for autoflowering seeds is a mix of peat moss, compost, perlite, and vermiculite since autoflowering strains only need a few nutrients and well-aerated soil.

Best Autoflower Weed Seeds − Wrapping Up

Well, you now have plenty of auto-flowering strains to choose from − from high THC to high-yielding marijuana seeds, whether you’re looking for a relaxed or uplifting high, and more.

Auto White Widow (free shipping on ILGM) is the best autoflowering strain, with a good balance between Indica and Sativa, easy to grow for beginners, a reasonable 425g yield, and 19% THC.

Lemon OG Haze (from $5/seed on Seedsman) is a strong second choice for its relaxing, potentially therapeutic benefits.

That said, don’t forget to check local laws and regulations before you buy autoflower seeds.

And while you’re waiting for your marijuana seeds to reach you, feel free to read a few guides to get off on the right foot.

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Best autoflower seeds for an epic 2022 garden

Late to starting that pot garden for ‘22? You’re right on time for 2022’s hottest in autoflower seeds.

Aspiring pot gardeners and even aficionados have found out that now’s the best time ever to grow autoflower weed. Autos grow easier than regular seeds and there are more, better, tastier ones than ever.

You can buy them online or in stores, plant ‘em indoors or out and you’re going to get a crop by Halloween. This year, expect strong, heady smoke from D.C. Seed Exchange, Mephisto Genetics, Humboldt Seed Company, Fast Buds, Gas Reaper Genetics, and more.

Autoflowers breeders have dialed in new, bold colors, mold and mite resistance, heavy hash production, sick yields, and of course hearty buds that deliver a pirate’s booty of biomass at your disposal.

We spoke with several popular seed banks to analyze sales data, trends, and popularity to determine which seeds to sprout in your soil in 2022. From there, interviews with several top breeders in the auto game gave us further insights into the cultivars, terpene profiles, and unique traits they worked for their favorite auto creations as of late.

Mephisto Monday seed drops go off

“We sell a lot of autos,” said D.C. Seed Exchange’s owner Paul N. Chucker in a recent conversation with Leafly. “A big reason why is because the average homegrower isn’t looking to take on another job in order to cultivate, such as with photoperiod seeds.”

Check out Mephisto Mondays for a hot seed drop like their sick Stomper crosses Mango Smile, or Strawberry Nuggets. The equally popular Mephisto off-shoot, Night Owl Seeds also does public and exclusive drops like super-sweet auto Mango Isle F2. It’s got melon and citrus flavor and sativa-dominant effects.

Autoflowers for dessert from Humboldt Seed Company and more

Humboldt Seed Company’s newer auto Mint Jelly grows hearty and hits hard. The high-THC, peppermint icing cake pop strain crosses Sour Apple and photoperiod powerhouse “Hella Jelly”–one of “Leafly’s 10 trending cannabis cultivars of 22.”

“For this one, I think that peppermint is just such a unique terpene profile and the appearance takes on the look of Humboldt Pound Cake, but with even bigger, kushier buds,” said Nat Pennington, founder of HSC.

Pennington and the team also bring the ruckus here in the baked goods aisle with their Pineapple Muffin Auto—a balanced hybrid with a skunky, pineapple upside-down cake flavor. Also check out Caramel Cream Auto, which has a smell “like a Gelato, but gassier, more offensive, and super-seductive.”

Nat Pennington talks autos in 2022 (44:00)

Mephisto Forum Stomper keeps stomping the competition as one of the top auto cookies cultivars despite years on the market. This young lady brings dank, minty funk wherever she grows, and extractors love how much she produces.

Fast Buds produces high-yielding and resilient dessert strains as part of their popular wheelhouse – including Wedding Cheesecake Auto, Gelato Auto, and top-selling Gorilla Cookies Auto.

See also: Magic Strains Nite Blood with its strawberry cheesecake earthiness, Gas Reaper Genetics Bessie Cake; Barney’s Farm Blue Gelato 41 Auto; and Twenty20 Mendocino’s CBD/THC balanced Vidamints.

How it started vs. how it’s going: Mint Jelly seed pack left, Caramel Cream auto right (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Co.)

Runtz autos from Gas Reaper and more

Gas Reaper Genetics sells several Runtz crosses with the familiar hues and sour candy terpenes that made it Leafly Strain of the Year. These include DeezRuntz, Frozen Runtz Auto, and MacaRuntz Auto.

If you wanna talk purple and autos we’re gonna have to mention Dan Jimmie of Gnome Automatics (formerly Mandalorian). Dan’s currently breeding his Anvil F8 and soon-to-be-released Mothman strain to a deep, consistent glowing purple.

See also: Night Owl Seeds quick-finishing Blue Microverse, Ethos Banana Daddy & Forbidden Zkittlez; Twenty20 Mendocinos’ gassy candy, Whisky Zulu; Indica-dominant/CBD flower Alpen Gleux from High Alpine Genetics, Humboldt Seed Company’s classic PPD now in autoflower; and the very salivary Nurple from Binary Selections.

Autoflower grapes and gas from North Atlantic

Auto growers want the same trendy fruit and fuel flavors as regular growers, said Beth Mathieu of North Atlantic Seed Co. “As with photoperiods, the terp hype seems to be the same with autoflower—grape and gas and fruit all day long!”

Night Owl Seeds rolls out some amazing Bruce Banner auto crosses in their arsenal like the sativa-dominant gas of Queens Banner and the grape gas of the more indica-leaning Star Spangled Banner 3.

Not to be outdone, Creme de la Chem by Mephisto has a floral gasoline so intense that your neighbors will think you are about to torch it for the insurance money.

See also: Ethos sweet diesel, Pluto Cut Autoflower RF3; Mosca Seeds Kushy Chem Auto,West Coast OG Auto, Frosted Guava Auto, Frosted Watermelon Auto; and Purple City Genetics Autofuel.

Night Owl Seeds’ ‘exotic birdseed’—Star Spangled Banner 3. Get it! Banner! (Courtesy Night Owl Seeds)

Check in with these top breeders or any favorites we couldn’t cover here for new drops and releases in ’22.


We present our catalogue of autoflower cannabis seeds: the best selection of automatic strains for those growers looking for simplicity and speed who aren’t willing to sacrifice on quality. Our team of breeders has placed a special emphasis on creating high-quality autoflowering genetics that showcase truly unique traits, resulting in real cannabis jewels that definitely deserve a place in your grow.
Discover below all the features of our autoflowering varieties and buy now your Seedstockers’ seeds on our website at the best price.

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There are 35 products.

Triton Biscotto Lime Auto

Rucu Cucu OG Auto

Jack Herer Auto

Wedding Glue Auto

Bruce Banner Auto

Gorilla Cookies Auto

Green Crack Auto

Sour Diesel Auto

Moby Dick Auto

Gorilla Glue Auto

Gelato 41 Auto

White Widow Auto

AK420 Auto

Amnesia Auto

BCN Power Plant Auto

Big Bud Auto

Blackberry Gum Auto

Candy Dawg Auto

CBD 1:1 Silver Lime Haze Auto

Cookies and Cream Auto

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Northern Lights Auto

O.G Kush Auto

Purple Punch Auto

Santa Marta Haze Auto

Sherbet Auto

Sticky Fingers Auto

Super Skunk Auto

BCN Critical XXL Auto

CBD Critical XXL Auto

Panty Punch Auto

Apollo Black Cherry Auto

Blue Moby Auto

Thunder Banana Auto

Mack & Crack Auto

Although autoflower cannabis seeds have received much attention and better reviews in recent years, some growers still refrain from using this type of seed as they have in mind the mediocre yielding capacity of the first generation that went on the market at the beginning of the 21st century. In reality, though, these genetics have come a long way since then, and now offer a real choice to consider when planning your grow.

What are autoflower cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering, autoflower, automatic, or auto cannabis plants are those whose flowering starts automatically and doesn’t depend on a change in the photoperiod. This means that they bloom depending on their age and not on the hours of light and darkness that they’re exposed to. This sets them apart from the photoperiod cannabis varieties, which require a change in the photoperiod, i.e. being moved to a 12/12 cycle (12 hrs of light and 12 hrs of darkness) so that they start producing flowers.

It is the opposite of photoperiodic flowering, which is when the plant, in its natural setting, starts producing flowers after the summer solstice, when the days become shorter. This autoflowering feature is incredibly useful for indoor growers, as they can keep their autos in a constant light cycle until harvest day. Moreover, this is also especially helpful in outdoor crops, since you can harvest much earlier than with photoperiod plants, thereby avoiding any mould problems which may arise with the first autumn rains.

How long do autoflowering strains take to grow?

Autoflower cannabis plants have a significantly shorter life span than their photoperiod sisters. Depending on the variety, photoperiod cannabis can take between 4 and 6 months (or more) to reach maturity. In contrast, autoflowering strains are usually ready for harvest between 8 and 10 weeks after seed germination.

This means that you don’t have to wait as long to enjoy those precious buds. Besides, this really is an advantage if you consider that sativas can sometimes take 6 months or more to grow fully. Outdoors, the shorter life cycle of the autoflowering strains makes an even bigger difference, because you can grow several crops per season instead of just one. And if you grow in a region with shorter and cooler summers, this quality is definitely of special interest to you.

Where do autoflowering genetics come from?

Autoflower seeds have been made possible thanks to a particular species of cannabis which is often regarded as a subspecies: Cannabis ruderalis. Unlike the psychoactive cannabis strains, ruderalis plants produce very few cannabinoids, so they are often crossed with Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica varieties to create autoflowering versions of some of the most popular strains.

Cannabis ruderalis is native to Russia and has therefore adapted to exceedingly difficult environments. In fact, the ruderalis plant is often known as ‘ditch weed’ (i.e. weed that grows wild on the side of the road), and originates from regions of Siberia where it developed with minimum resources, adapting to wintry weather and the different durations of day and night.

As a result, this ‘weed’ is incredibly hardy and doesn’t depend on the photoperiod, meaning that it flowers after 4 to 5 weeks of vegetative growth, regardless of the amount of light it receives. Therefore, by crossing ruderalis strains with modern, award-winning cannabis genetics, we end up with more potent and reliable varieties that are easier to grow and don’t depend on the photoperiod.

Although growers began experimenting with the ruderalis genetics in the early 1970s in an attempt to create photoperiod strains that mustered all of these traits, the first commercial seeds of this kind only became popular in the 2000s. Generally speaking, though, they weren’t up to the standards of their photoperiod sisters in terms of aroma, potency, and yielding capacity. Nonetheless, they have experienced many improvements since then, and nowadays autoflowering strains can perfectly compete in quality with their feminised or regular counterparts.

Other benefits of autoflowering seeds

In addition to their speed, which allows for the cultivation of several crops in the same season, autoflower cannabis plants exhibit other equally surprising traits. For instance:

Their size is more manageable and, therefore, they’re more discreet:

Due to their short life cycle, autoflowering cannabis strains don’t grow as tall, which makes them easier to handle in all types of environments. If you grow indoors with limited space or restricted height, an autoflowering plant might be just what you need. If you grow outdoors and want a discreet and well-hidden crop, their reduced size makes them suitable for balconies or garden beds, where they can be disguised amongst other plants. These features also make them highly appealing for guerrilla growers. Don’t be fooled by their size, though: autoflowerings develop great colas and side branches full of buds that ensure a good harvest even in small spaces.

They’re much more resistant and easier to grow:

Autoflower seeds include the genetics of the robust ruderalis strains, which are accustomed to growing in harsh environments. This feature is passed on to the autoflowering hybrids, making them much easier to grow. Therefore, plants are naturally more resistant and tolerate colder climates more efficiently, plus you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on the photoperiod. And thanks to their short life cycle, these genetics are less vulnerable to pests, fungi, and diseases. All in all, these strains present fewer problems during cultivation and are rather tolerant when it comes to the typical mistakes that rookie growers tend to make.

They are more forgiving when grown in urban environments:

There’s something else you don’t have to worry about with autoflowering strains, and that’s whether light seeps in during the cycle of darkness, which can be stressful for photoperiod plants grown indoors as well as for those in outdoor urban settings, where the street lamps can confuse the plants at night. Autos can tolerate all forms of light leakage, whether in the grow room or out in the city.

How to grow autoflowering strains

The life cycle of autoflowering plants is so short that the key to success in their cultivation is to control all resources from the very beginning and to avoid any kind of deficiency or excess. While photoperiod varieties may have time to recover from pests or nutrient deficiencies, any problem with an automatic can prove fatal, as they don’t usually have the time to overcome it.

To prevent this, you must plan your grow well from the beginning, allowing your plant to use all the available resources in the most efficient way. From the day you put the seeds to germinate the clock starts ticking, and every mistake you make will result in a lower yield. So be careful and plan before you plant!

Growing autoflowerings outdoors

Everything rests on the climate of the region where you want to plant your autoflowering grow. Automatic strains are especially successful in warm areas with mild winters, where they can be grown for months beyond the summer, producing up to three harvests per year.

– Mediterranean climate:You can sow your first crop between mid-April and early May, when the frost season is over and the days are longer. This way, you’ll be harvesting in late July, and you can sow again in early August (so you would be harvesting again in October).

– Atlantic or continental climate:This climate involves lots of rain, less sun, and shorter summers. Therefore, you can usually only grow one crop per year. Ideally, you want to sow at the beginning of June so that you’re ready to harvest in late August.

The summer season is when autos work best outdoors because a number of factors come together at that time, allowing them to develop to their full potential. During this period of the year, the sun shines brighter, so the solar radiation received by the leaves is greater. The same thing happens with light intensity. If we add the fact that it’s brighter for longer throughout the day, what is the result? That the plants’ yielding capacity soars to higher heights.

Growing autoflowerings indoors

Autoflowering plants flower automatically in any light/darkness cycle, which means that, when you’re growing indoors, you don’t need to change the photoperiod for them to start the flowering process. The more hours of light they receive (as long as it’s above 12 hours per day), the more efficient their performance will be.

You can maintain a stable cycle of 18/6, 20/4, or 22/2 throughout their full life cycle, depending on how much you’re happy to spend on electricity. Some growers expose them to 24 hours of light from the very beginning until harvest time, but this is not usually recommended because the plants also need some rest and time to recover.

Nonetheless, many growers who have experimented with 24/0 and 18/6 light cycles claim that they didn’t notice any major differences in the final yield, so the decision depends on the specific strain that you’re growing and on your particular growing circumstances.

Which pot should you choose to plant autoflowering strains?

Autoflowers don’t like to be transplanted because this process stresses them out and hinders their growth. This is why you should grow the plants in the same pot from the beginning. It is best to give them plenty of space, so use pots of between 5 and 20 litres so that their roots can expand. We recommend that you work with pots of at least 7 litres, or 15 litres if you want them to get as large as possible. The vegetative phase usually lasts about 25 days, and, from that point, the plants will start to flower but will still carry on growing. In fact, they will normally continue to increase in size until about day 45.

How to prepare the growing medium for autoflowering varieties

Autos require an aerated substrate to help them make the most of the available resources and develop their roots well to accelerate all their metabolic processes. We advise you to work with a substrate that contains 1/3 coco coir and 2/3 peat; or, alternatively, a ready substrate, which you can find in most grow shops. If you’re opting for an organic grow, you can prepare a ‘super soil’ that contains all the necessary nutrients and microbial life for the entire life cycle of your plants. This will most definitely help you get the best out of them.

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How to feed autoflower strains

While photoperiod strains require a complex nutritional strategy that changes throughout their life cycle, the autoflowering varieties can cope with a reduced diet thanks to their resistant genetics. Fertilise them in moderation! This means that you shouldn’t follow the manufacturer’s dosage guidelines by the book. As their roots are smaller, you only need to use 50% (or even 25%) of the recommended dose.

Given that the automatic varieties mature according to their age, any nutritional stress that they have to face (such as over-fertilisation) can greatly slow them down if not managed properly. And remember: it’s always easier to fix a nutrient deficit than to try to rectify a nutrient excess.

Nonetheless, some autoflowering varieties, such as our Gorilla Glue Auto and Bruce Banner Auto, are voracious beasts that require a stronger dose. But make sure you try small amounts first before moving on to larger doses.

How to water autoflowering strains

Try to avoid making your watering regime complicated. It’s always good advice to keep things as simple as possible, especially at the beginning of your plants’ life. In the case of autos, it is better to irrigate them with less water but more often to promote oxygenation. If there is something that can be problematic for them is a waterlogged substrate, which could lead to a stop in growth.

As a guideline, try to ensure that the plants don’t lack moisture, but that the pots aren’t too heavy. And avoid stressing the plants by making sure the nutrient solution is at a temperature of 22-23°C before watering, because the pH is also affected when the temperature fluctuates outside this optimal range.

What is the ideal pH for autoflowering plants?

The optimal pH for autoflowers is the same as for their photoperiod sisters. For autos growing in soil, use pH levels between 6.0 and 7.0, whereas hydroponic systems work well with levels between 5.5 and 6.5. You can of course also get good crops even with slightly lower or slightly higher pH measurements, depending on the stage of growth and the type of cannabis that you’re growing.

What’s the best optimised cultivation technique for autoflowerings?

As always, time is of the essence, so avoid stressing your autoflowering plants so they don’t slow down. Therefore, don’t trim or train them, and leave them alone as much as possible. If you really need to train them, use only mild low-impact methods, such as LST (Low Stress Training); and only with varieties that tend to grow in excess, such as the sativa-leaning autos.

If you want an autoflower that grows considerably so that you can try some of these training techniques, our classic Jack Herer Auto could be the right choice for you. This large plant grows vigorously both sideways and upwards. This is because the most branchy specimens have been given preference in its stabilisation, resulting in an ideal auto for the implementation of optimised cultivation techniques, providing you have a little bit of skill.

Following this ‘not pruning’ principle, growing techniques such as SCROG are not recommended for automatics. However, the SOG (Sea of Green) method may be suitable and can help maximise the yielding potential of these strains.

With this method, cuttings are left to vegetate for a very short period of time before prompting them to flower, something that can be perfectly achieved by replacing the cuttings with autoflowering strains. In addition to having a short vegetative period (often as short as two weeks), intermediate nodes that would normally produce lateral branching are also removed from the plants in order to promote the development of only one central cola. With this, what you achieve is that the plants don’t take up as much space.

Seedstockers’ best autoflowering genetics

Growing cannabis is a rewarding process that can also turn out to be complicated at times. And one of the most important decisions for getting off to a good start is choosing the right seed from the hundreds of varieties that exist on the market, which can be an overwhelming experience in itself.

Therefore, when starting an autoflowering grow, the secret of success lies in choosing a seed bank like Seedstockers that has managed to capture the great genetic diversity of this type of cannabis, always giving priority to the quality and stability of the plants over other secondary parameters. And, to make things easier when you choose your strain, it is important that you know how to differentiate between the several types of autoflower seeds available in our catalogue.

On a first level, all of our autoflowering varieties are feminised. As the name suggests, there’s no need to sex the plants to identify and get rid of the male plants (which can pollinate the female plants and produce seeds). But this is only the beginning.

Seedstockers’ USA autoflowering strains

North American genetics, and in particular the Californian varieties, have taken grows by storm all around the world. They have turned into a real object of desire thanks to their amazing combination of potency, flavour, and yielding capacity. And now Seedstockers is making it easier than ever for you to try these autoflowers from the other side of the Atlantic, thanks to our selection of ‘Made in USA’ autos that you can now buy on our website: a range of USA seeds that have been carefully chosen for their quality and various medicinal and recreational properties. We’ve also considered other factors such as genetic diversity, climate tolerance, and flowering times, among other traits. So be warned: whenever you’re ready to buy some USA seeds, keep in mind that our selection and quality can hardly be surpassed.

For instance, make sure you try our Cookies strains, such as Girl Scout Cookies Auto, an automatic classic that you will want to grow again and again. Or crosses such as Cookies & Cream Auto, a strain that achieves its autoflowering character thanks to its hybridisation with the famous Northern Lights Auto, and whose purpose is to produce as much THC as possible. Even our Gorilla Cookies Auto will surprise you with its yielding capacity and long-lasting effects.

But if you’re looking for a specific effect, such as relaxation, we recommend our Gelato #41 Auto, a very powerful plant that delivers a strong physical sensation and can offer temporary relief for the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, or stress. Candy Dawg Auto is another North American variety worth mentioning that is already one of the cult seeds of recent times in its own right. This beauty stands out for its complex terpene mix and its extremely comforting effect.

Likewise, our catalogue includes high-THC automatic strains that meet the needs of those growers looking for the most intense psychoactive effects. One of these is Green Crack Auto, another hybrid responsible for the great evolution of cannabis in recent years, with the ability to produce a THC count of around 22% capable of knocking down even the most seasoned smokers. Or Sherbet Auto, the auto version of the famous award-winning Sunset Sherbet, so you can expect high THC levels that combine perfectly with refreshing, fruity flavours of mango and melon.

At Seedstockers we also have other pedigree North American hybrids that you should get to know. For example, Gorilla Glue Auto, one of the most beloved American varieties, famous for its high trichome production, which gives it a very sticky look that lives up to its name. Or Purple Punch Auto, another amazing strain with a robust taste that produces flowers that can turn purple or reddish if the temperature drops slightly.

Seedstockers’ classic autoflowering strains

The Seedstockers’ catalogue also includes a selection of classic genetics in their autoflowering version: the best known and most cultivated strains in the world; cannabis icons that have already reached legendary status and have received the most awards thanks to their exquisite taste and powerful effect. Without a doubt, this is the perfect result after mixing the best old school marijuana hybrids.

A great example of these is Super Skunk Auto, a strain adored by recreational users which delivers a really astounding bodily effect and an invigorating mental experience. This is the perfect variety for special moments when you’re in need of a touch of happiness. Or Sour Diesel Auto, another cannabis legend that has gained many followers for its delicious flavour and powerful effect, becoming for years the favourite of many for embodying all the features of the best Californian weed.

Other sure bets are our White Widow Auto and Moby Dick Auto. Just like the strains previously mentioned, and despite being considered more contemporary, these two cannabis jewels have earned a place amongst the cannabis gods and are definitely here to stay.

Seedstockers Superior autoflowering strains

Last but not least, we couldn’t be prouder to present our Seedstockers superior genetic line: a selection of varieties created by our team of breeders.

After sharing both genetic information and selection and stabilisation knowledge, and based on many different crosses, we have selected the following 5 hybrids: Panty Punch Auto, Blue Moby Auto, Mack and Crack Auto, Thunder Banana Auto, and Apollo Black Cherry Auto. These represent everything that can be expected from a collaboration between breeders in possession of the best possible genetics, and our own breeders, who are among the best seed producers in the world. With amazing flavours, exceptional yielding potential, and a very competitive price, they are genetics with remarkable terpene and cannabinoid profiles which bring something really new to the cannabis community.

As you can see, Seedstockers offers a wide selection of autoflower strains for every taste, with an extensive range of flavours and properties that stand out for their balance and complexity, and which are ideal for novice and expert growers alike.

So don’t hesitate: if you really want to succeed in the wonderful world of autoflowerings and benefit from the best price on the market, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

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