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autoflower 12 12 from seed

Autoflower 12 12 from seed

SOG is a great technique to try with autos because it takes advantage of the naturally smaller stature of these varieties. While every grower will have their own technique for SOG, most will grow between 4–16 plants per m², depending on how big they let each plant grow.

There’s no real consensus on whether autos grow better under 18 or 24 hours of light, and we’ve seen growers achieve great results with both methods. To make up your mind, we recommend playing around with both variations and sticking to what works best for you.

  • 6500K blue light during veg: Blue light spectrums have been shown to encourage vegetative growth, helping cannabis plants grow short and stocky while minimising stretching.
  • 2700K red light during flowering: Red light spectrums are ideal for bloom because they encourage budding and a little bit of stretch, encouraging your plants to produce big, dense flowers.
  • Heat concerns: If you live in a very hot climate, you might want to turn your grow lights off during the day to avoid overheating your grow room. In that case, growing your autos under a 12/12 light cycle—with lights on during the night—might be your best bet to avoid causing your plants heat stress.
  • Growing autos alongside photoperiod strains: If you’re growing autos alongside feminized photoperiod strains, you’ll likely have to place your autos in the same room as your flowering feminized plants, meaning your autos will only get 12 hours of light per day.
  • To save money: Running grow lights for 18–24 hours over a few months can get very expensive. If you want to grow autos on a tight budget, you might want to use a 12hr light cycle instead.

Using the right light spectrum is super important when growing any type of cannabis plant, including autos. Because autoflowering plants have such short life cycles, you really want to maximise the quality of light, nutrients, and soil you give them.
SOG, or sea of green, is a cannabis training technique that can produce some great harvests. Rather than getting your plants to grow as large as possible, SOG involves growing several smaller plants in close proximity to form a uniform canopy that maximises light exposure and space.
Depending on the size of the particular strain you’re growing, we recommend using 7–10l pots and growing between 4–6 plants per m². This should make the most of your space and lighting while still providing your plants with enough airflow to avoid any mould issues. If you decide to grow more plants per m², remember to use smaller pots to control their size and avoid overcrowding your grow room.
If you’re new to the world of autoflowers, follow these simple tips for a better harvest:

Growing autoflowering strains? In this article, we explore the ideal light schedule to help your autos produce the best possible harvests.

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Autoflower 12 12 from seed

Indica and Sativa strains rely on photoperiod. This means that an autoflower light cycle 1212 and dark ratio are necessary for its growth. Temperature-wise, autoflowering cannabis strains are more temperable. It can thrive indoor and outdoor growth and adjust to any environmental condition. If you may ask, how much light does autoflowering cannabis strains require? To be honest with you, with or without a 12-12 light cycle, this strain will be able to bloom.

1. The buds of an autoflower strain are not as big as the ones with that have substantial light exposure. In addition, because autoflowering are genetically smaller, they appear to be more of a bush than a tree.
In contrary to what autoflowering cannabis strains can offer are the disadvantages it is acquainted with. You have to bear in mind these factors in order to avoid discrepancies in terms of growth and effects. These are the possible factors why autoflowering cannabis is not suggested for the 12/12 light cycle.

2. Low tetrahydrocannabinol is another factor. This is neutral whether if it is an advantage or disadvantage. This is a good thing if you will be using cannabis for the sake of medicine but if you are seeking recreational pleasure, we bet you would not be satisfied because of its low to no psychoactive effects.
One of the best selling strains today come in autoflowering form. Beginners in marijuana growing love this type of seeds because it grows faster than the regular strain, thus the waiting time is shortened. Experienced cannabis growers also prefer this strain because of its ability to produce flowers without external cues. Another characteristic of this strain is the low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol which makes it perfect for first-time smokers. Researchers, as well as smokers, are fond of this classification of strain because of its low to no psychoactive effects. As per an article written by Crop King Seeds, growing autoflowering cannabis strains are not that difficult to cultivate. It will grow well both indoors or outdoors.
Why should you grow autoflowering cannabis strains using the 12/12 light cycle? What makes it more efficient in terms of sales and utilization? The 12/12 light cycle to be used on autoflowering cannabis strains is one of the options. Why? This classification of cannabis requires changing in light schedules.
3. Short flowering time is what autoflowering cannabis strains using the process of 12/12 light cycle composed of. The reason why cannabis growers prefer this is because of the efficiency it provides.
* One of the characteristics of autoflowering strains is its abundant yield. It is surprising considering that these strains grow short. Therefore, growers can produce multiple harvests per year.

2. There are no changes in the photoperiod required. The change in the process of acquiring light is not required to change. It will flower abundantly regardless of the sudden change in a light cycle that is its unique characteristic as compared to cannabis Sativa and Indica in which change in light cycles is required in order to cause flowering.

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