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auto watering system for weed

Auto watering system for weed

Nutrient tank: It is a water tank in which the mixture of nutrients is made to be able to irrigate by automatic irrigation.

Many growers prefer to water by hand and can be a bit reluctant to adopt automatic irrigation systems, but when you use one for the first time there’s no turning back. Automatic irrigation gives us more free time to check the plants or to dedicate to other tasks.
In this setup, the irrigation water has been drained away, meaning it is not recovered and reused once it has left the nutrient tank. Coco fibre, clay balls, rockwool and in general all hydroponic substrates can be used in recirculation, but it is preferable to drain the solution to avoid altering the nutrient solution in the tank, in particular with coco fibre, rockwool and soil .

Let’s see an example:
Air pump and stone diffuser: An air pump that takes air from the room and pushes it through a non-toxic silicone tubes to the stone diffuser. The diffusing stone is responsible for spreading the air in small bubbles inside the nutrient deposit, and keeping the nutrient solution oxygenated and in good condition.
In the photo you can see an even growth over all the plants by having a balanced diet and accurate watering during the vegetative stage. In this case, there was an initial watering of 30 to 40 seconds, started manually, and later automated using a digital timer, in order to regulate the amount of water and nutrients as much as possible.
If we recirculate in rockwool or clay pebbles, when we water, the runoff that escapes from the drainage holes at the base of the pot can dissolve salts deposited on the pot or grow tray. If these salts are washed back to the deposit they can raise the EC and disrupt the pH levels.
Now that the tray and the tank are in place, we can look at the distribution of the pots and a sketch of how the irrigation system should be set up. In this case we already mentioned that we will have 16 plants per m2 and the most logical way to fit all 16 plants in is to use 4 rows of 4 plants each.

Flushing the roots with automatic irrigation

In this Alchimia blog post we take an in-depth look at automatic irrigation systems, outlining the advantages of automated watering, detailing how to

Yes I do drugs and yes I have done mat grows done right is great and wrong well is all for one and one for all.

Now if all the plants are the same strain then you have less of a problem. If they are clones of the same plant you got a winner there roots know each other.
Coco has two kinks never use it right out of the bag loose it up and then use some of your Nutrient water 25% and rinse the new coco then let drain into something and check the ph coco is not dirt and this works with coco. The reason for this is a guy at a factory somewhere droped cold drink into a bag I bought if it happens to you you will rinse for ever. Coco doesn’t hold much Nutrient it drains away with the water. When the PH is right use it but wait 24 hrs and retest.

Community roots is not a real good Idea and if you mix the strains in the wrong way you will learn about root wars.
Plants are very protective especially a weed not just cannabis . If one gets sick you loose the plants whose roots touch sick plant and the finish weed taste bad if you have a root conflict.
I would like you to think of this you got 4 plants most wonderful and the 5th looks like green death what do you do cut it the roots die and poison the lot if you try to feed individually the others are effected. If you pull it out all the roots are effected.
I’m growing in a tent and I’m using coco anywhere from 4-6 plants at a time
does anyone have a good system to auto water plants ?
The other kink is do not leave the pots sitting in water you must have a good drain system. Coco and roots under water is a good way to spend a lot of time chasseing your tail and not able to fix the problem.

I’m looking for tutorials and pictures. Been looking online to find some information.

does anyone have a good system to auto water plants ? I'm looking for tutorials and pictures. Been looking online to find some information. I'm growing…