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Pandora my muse. Review by GoddessWorshiper

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Medium war Plangron Grow Mix und gedüngt mit Atami Bloombastic.

Perfect, did exactly what they say on the box! 90cm. fastest thing ever. 60th day cropped could have cropped at 55days (from seed)..few leaves pointy well formed bud. Easy trim. Metallic, spicy..animally taste. Superb one again form Paradise! (Posted on 12/8/2011)
Vaery tasty! I got over 1000 grms per outdoor plantt. Turns a dark purple in cold weather, grew into late November. I reccomend this plant in hot climates.
(Posted on 1/8/2013)
es una maria estremecedora su resina ace q parezca una planta carnivora y el sabor afrutado e inciensado ala vez es un manjar para los mas fumetas en resumen la puta ama entre las autos (Posted on 7/19/2011)
Hands down best indica auto I have found.Very easy to run, a middle of the road feeder and is was ready 62 days from sprouting. Potent, frosty and very fast to finish. Nice mellow stone with some pain relief. (Posted on 2/3/2012)
I grew 6 Pandora, 3 under HPS and 3 under CFL. 1 plant from each setup was ready within 65 days but the other plants took an extra 3-4 weeks to mature. Best automatics to date, nice healthy looking big plants with lots of branching, but as with all autos a big variation in plant phenotype and potency levels. (Posted on 3/2/2012)

JAAMON Review by sanchez_ct

An autoflower strain with medical properties this is one toke that keeps giving, with a long lasting buzz that is smooth and very