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auto dip review

I think, like any other artistic product applying correctly is probably key to the stuff working correctly. As for me, I’m still watching tutorial videos to get motivated to try it out on something myself. That’s how I stumbled on AutoFlex, which appears to be the varsity version of Plasti Dip.

AutoFlex is not a vinyl wrap. It’s definitely not paint. It’s not exactly Plasti Dip or any other “removable coating” products we love covering our cars in, either. But it sure is pretty.
Rip through YouTube looking at Plasti Dip and you’ll see mixed results. Some people seem to get a great look coating their whole cars in it, others can’t keep it from flaking off a chrome “V8” badge.

Plasti Dip doesn’t require a scuff, sand or do any other normal paint-prep procedure other than an intensive clean (and maybe masking) before putting it on. The reversibility of the stuff really drops the stakes of DIY-car decoration and it’s become pretty popular with people who like to play with cars.
For those who haven’t been paying attention to tuner-car culture lately, Plasti Dip is like spray paint but instead of paint it lays down a rubberized coating that can theoretically be peeled off without damaging whatever you blasted it on.
Whatever combination of elements is actually in the stuff basically makes it bond to itself more than whatever it’s sticking to, and its adheres in such a way that doesn’t leave residue.
He explained that you care for an AutoFlex’d car the same way you would a painted one; once it’s laid down the same washing, waxing, and even sanding techniques apply.
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Keep your eyes open for some well-equipped DIY folks or independent paint shops doing some reviews of the stuff, I’d be very curious to hear how easy it is to pick up and work with.

AutoFlex is not a vinyl wrap. It’s definitely not paint. It’s not exactly Plasti Dip or any other “removable coating” products we love covering our cars in, either. But it sure is pretty.

Hello, I’m new to dipping and have been working on the project to black out my car. Did plasti dip most of the non-black stuff on my car with black and glossifier. Really like the matte look of it. I want to dip my rims really glossy black, but couldn’t achieve it with plasti dip. Was wondering if anybody has any experience with the new Superwrap (used to be Autodip), since they are so shiny. Thank you !

I actually ended up doing plastidip on my rims, looks great, but wasn’t the glossy finish I was looking for. I couldn’t find more info about Superwrap so I was really skeptical. Please let me know how it is if you actually go with it!
From what I’ve seen there’s not much info on super wrap, and I don’t think you can see their full product line without having a business account with them. I don’t have any experience with their product. Autoflex plastidip can give you the high gloss look that you’re looking for, and they sell it in spray cans if you are only doing things like wheels and don’t have a professional HPLV setup.

Too bad no one has replied, because Superwrap does look promising.
I’ve had my rims with black PlastiDip for a year, and it just doesn’t look good to me; it looks very dull. I saw a comparison video of PlastiDip and Superwrap side-by-side and the difference is incredible.
Just today I tried to retouch my PlastiDip, then apply some Glossifier to give it some shine, but I just gave up on it. I’m going to be ordering Superwrap for sure thus time.
Are these new? I thought autoflex was gun only. is it “better” then regular plastidip or is there some trade off?
I know this is 4 months too late but I don’t see anything about superwrap/autodip anywhere else on reddit so I’ll add my experience here.

I saw Autoflex too, but just thought it was not really amateur friendly, and the price is a bit high. Probably give it a try next time

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