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auto cake

Auto cake

Stone Transport Pipe above. Next place a Cobblestone Transport Pipe on the top and a Distribution Transport Pipe

To the left of the redstone line place a sticky piston facing in the same direction as the deployers with a solid block on the second spot in front of it and to the left of the piston and empty space. This should leave one space for water and one for the piston arm. Place water in the one space not adjacent to the piston.
Chest and bottom filter in place

On one of the holes which have wiring to power the filters make a 3 high pillar which is adjacent to the filter.
Run Insulated wiring up this pillar.
Deployers and piston in place
Now to the Diamond Transport Pipe set both seeds and Bone Meal to go to below the deployer and wheat to go towards the chest or item Teleport Pipe.
This is practically your full system in place. The last stage is to power the

Standing on the tilled dirt, facing away from the glass place a deployer facing all the 6 tilled dirt. Behind these place a row of redstone (only behind the deployers however). Fill these deployers with one stack of wheat

This automatic cake making farm is one of my favourite mechanisms I’ve created to date. I have entitled this machine: The Cake Machine. This farming based factory is designed to firstly make the necessary ingredients for cake. These include: three milk buckets, three wheat, two sugar and one…