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atomic bomb strain

0.945 g / watt is a good yield for me, and like I said above it’s an over estimation of wattage and area used, so realistically this girl probably yielded over 1g/watt.
1 week of drying and
We’ve gone Atomic with a truly superior strain that’ll blow your mind. We combined a hand selected original US clone of the legendary Chemdawg with a hard hitting intensely flavored Kush from the Emerald Triangle. We then crossed this with our number one selling, award winning THC Bomb to create a truly knockout strain in every single way. Atomic has the brutal power of THC Bomb mixed with the classic Californian kush taste and stone.
189 g / 33 branches = 5.7 g / branch (0.20 oz / branch)
My poor bikini girl split her main T and her 2 secondary T’s, this did stunt her a bit but she pulled through and did very well. She is a bit more of a “compact” girl with tight node spacing and is very strong.
I’m really like her, the smoke is very different from the other sativas I’ve grown. I like that it’s more mentally and creatively stimulating with the slight body high is also very nice edition. Next time I go for a nice hike I’m going to pack this in the vaporizer, it’d be a awesome smoke to enjoy the great outdoors with.
16.9% Net dry weight
This strain is fairly easy to grow and is of medium height. While not having quite the monster yields of THC Bomb it’s still considered a high yielder. Buds will be large and plump with layers and layers of crystal upon crystal. Indoors flowering time can be as little as 8 weeks.
3 weeks of cure time.
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