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apothecary seeds

Apothecary seeds

Chem D from Apothecary Seeds is a cannabis strain created from the Chemdog lineage to offer the best traits of this genetics. By crossing the Chem’91 and Chemdog D (both coming from the original batch of seeds) we find a plant with Indica structure [. ]

This seedbank is based in California and is managed by its founder, a passionate breeder and traveller that develops hybrids from strains like the OG Kush, or other unique African landraces.
Apothecary Genetics is a North American seedbank created in 2004 by Bret Bogue, a talented grower that shares his regular marijuana strains with all users of medicinal cannabis .

Get these strains in Alchimiaweb, available in packs of 10 regular seeds.
Step by step, Apothecary Genetics has earned a place in the marijuana market thanks to the success of some of its varieties, such as the case of Grape Ape, a multi-awarded strain in different Cannabis Cups that features amazing purple colours and delicious sweet grape taste.
Apothecary Genetics presents in Alchimia the Mendo Diesel, created from the cross between the famous NYCD and Mendo Purps. Mendo Diesel develops bushy and well branched, growing to average heights. It is suitable for using the SCROG technique , sinc [. ]
Apothecary Genetics present Grape MAC, part of the Hand Chosen Selection, as regular cannabis seeds. This is a direct descendent of MAC1, a clone with a great international reputation due to its incredible characteristics, it is potent [. ]
We are happy to present here Grape Runtz, one of the genetic lines curently rocking the US cannabis market. The most reputable dispensaries are offering this variety, a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, which produces b [. ]

Alchimiaweb presents here the Cookies OG from Apothecary Genetics, a Kush strain that joins the best features of two American titans to offer a delicious sweet taste an happy and optimistic effect. This mostly Indica hybrid between Girl Scout Cookie [. ]

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Apothecary seeds

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10 Regular Seeds – £48.40
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10 Regular Seeds – £48.40
10 Regular Seeds – £48.40
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10 Regular Seeds – £48.40

The Apothecary Genetics company started growing in the early 90’s and soon became one of the leading and most renowned breeders. Originally from Northern California, these