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angels nest la canada

Angels nest la canada

“We need everybody’s help to get the publicity out that this is an emergency and it’s a very serious situation.”

“I think now they’ll start asking themselves why we have the dubious distinction of being ranked so high in our water consumption for such a small town and kind of a low key place,” said resident Luke Strockis.
“I have people sit on the couch. you’d think I’m a psychologist because they just talk and tell everybody their problems and water never comes up!”

These homes are a big part of the problem, thinks business owner Yvonne Navarro.
Navarro has owned Angel’s Nest stationary in La Cañada for 13 years and says despite the on going drought, she never hears customers talking about water.
(Richard Atwater installed drought friendly landscaping around his home in La Cañada.)
Still, he says ground water levels in the area have been drained by 30 percent. No matter how you measure it, the city needs to start conserving more, and it can’t just be homeowners.
Maybe Southern California didn’t get the memo.

“They’re like a mansion. six, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, huge yards. So it’s going to take triple the water.”

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