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amsterdam weed menu

Amsterdam weed menu

Click here to see more information about the Original Dampkring on Tripadvisor and find the Original Dampkring on Google Maps here.

Right on the Rembrandt Square is the amazingly lively Smokey Coffeeshop. The coffeeshop is spacious as compared to many other coffeeshops, so there’s usually a place to sit down. The music is usually good and the vibes are really amazing. The weed and hash is a bit pricier as compared to some other coffeeshops but the quality is really good. Try Royal Cream hash or haze or cheese weed. They also have a TV inside where you can sometimes watch football. Bonus: They have really good milkshakes, especially the Banana Split Milkshake.
The Original Dampkring Coffeeshop Amsterdam by David Michalczuk (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

So you’re visiting Amsterdam alone and you’d love to get high in one of the coffeeshops BUT you’re too scared to do this alone? I get you! To help you out, I have handpicked a few tours for you where they take you around and even watch over your belongings, and most importantly YOU.
By James of Worldwide Shopping Guide
Coffeeshopamsterdam Cafe – Smoker friendly bar
One staff member, in particular, was extremely accommodating when I finished my smoke sesh and asked where I could find a shop to purchase a grinder. He pushed the Smoke Palace grinder I had been lent to use while in the coffeeshop towards me and said: “take this one and use it while you’re here and bring it back before you leave!” He even threw some rolling papers in to sweeten the deal. Now, whenever I’m in Amsterdam I make sure to visit Smoke Palace!
Click here to see more information about Barney’s Coffeeshop on Tripadvisor and find Barney’s Coffeeshop on Google Maps here.

You’ll find here the widest range of weed, hash and spacetry (best space cake in Amsterdam) in Boerejongens. Try the Tangerine G13 bud and Super Silver Strawberry hash

Guide to the Coffeeshops in Amsterdam – they are licensed by the government to sell cannabis products, joints, weed, hash + Best Amsterdam Coffeeshops List