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amsterdam strain

Amsterdam strain
Just what I needed before the long flight back home across the pond.
Their menu is diverse and each strain seems to be fairly nice quality. They had some really impressive “Cali strains” like Runtz, Wedding Crasher, and some Gelato hybrids that looked incredible, but I could hardly justify shelling out €30-35 euro ($35-40) for a gram.
Green House is another legendary coffeeshop with a history of breeding Cannabis Cup-winning strains. With four locations around town, there’s likely one nearby. My favorite is Green House United—it’s a short walk from Amsterdam Central train station and is easy to find. Good food, diverse strains, and a friendly staff make it a welcome stop anytime.
Instead I went with their Ghost Train Haze, a happy strain with citrus flavors and a hint of gas. I played a few video games, socialized with some tourists, and watched sports on one their many TVs. Their snacks are affordable, too.
Abraxas is a coffeeshop experience you simply cannot pass up when in Amsterdam.
It’s interesting to see the Dutch get excited about modern American genetics the way Americans used to with strains from Amsterdam.
(Courtesy of Barney’s)
Now that you’ve got an idea of cannabis etiquette in Amsterdam, let me share a few of my favorite coffeeshops.
I shared a table with four guys on vacation from Dublin who told me they pop over to Amsterdam on weekends to enjoy the weed. I introduced them to a vape pen, the Pax Era, and shared a few bowls in the Volcano with them. Barney’s is always a great place to start or end a day in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam is a fundamental experience for anyone who loves cannabis. Here is some advice and etiquette for my favorite coffeeshops.