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amazon discreet shipping

Amazon discreet shipping

Welcome to the world where we do stuff for ourselves.

Step 3: Shipping the item as a Gift
Search for items which are marked as being Sold by Amazon or that are Fulfilled by Amazon. These are the only two options which will allow you to drop ship you items as gifts and remove the label and price from the usual brown box.

If you don’t do this, then the person that you are selling or gifting this item to will see the prices which some may find offensive.

This is a really important step. ENSURE that you tick “Hide prices on the packing slip for this purchase”.

All you have to do at this stage, I complete the order by confirming that all the details are correct, you must then include you payment details and then click on complete order to ship off you items to their final destination. Simple right? Absolutely!

To ensure that your item is shipped excluding the labels and price tags, ENSURE that you tick the box that says “This will be a gift”

Also untick “Include a free personalised gift message” and “Gift-wrap this item”, unless you really want to send a special message or even send the item gift-wrapped.

Step 6: Confirm payment details and then ship you item off

How do I do that? Welcome to the world where we do stuff for ourselves. Pages Saturday, 25 January 2014 How To Have Your Amazon Orders Sent Discreetly How To Have Your Amazon

Amazon discreet shipping

These recipients could then potentially see the item, thus “ruining” Christmas, as one Twitter user cited by The Independent put it.

When adding an item to an Amazon shopping cart, look for this phrase: “Item arrives in packaging that reveals what’s inside. To hide it, choose Ship in Amazon packaging at checkout.”
Then your order will come discreetly in an Amazon box instead. Voilá, problem solved. Doing this is completely free and mostly painless.

But shoppers who aren’t careful might accidentally spoil the surprise. That’s because many larger items — including certain toys, Instant Pots, musical instruments, and other items — don’t ship in Amazon’s characteristic arrow box, but in their own box with whatever is inside clearly marked on the outside.
Then, simply do so. Click the button that says “Ship in Amazon packaging.”
Also, this isn’t going to work for everything Amazon sells. There simply aren’t boxes big enough to package everything Amazon sells in its own box. It’s impractical.
Amazon is a go-to online destination for many families as they purchase gifts around the holidays.
Luckily, there is a way to avoid that altogether.

There are a few drawbacks and footnotes here. First, you shouldn’t do this if you don’t need to. There’s absolutely no reason to waste another huge layer of cardboard on top of cardboard. There’s a reason this item ships in its own package — Amazon has already decided it is safe enough. Don’t create more waste unnecessarily.

Some gifts ordered from Amazon are spoiling surprises by showing up without generic packaging, but there's a way to avoid that altogether.