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all natural rolling papers

All natural rolling papers

The filters have perforated lines, making them easy to individually cut out and roll into the tip of your joint. Conveniently, they’re the perfect size. (No more ripping up index cards to make your filters — or having herb sneak into your mouth.)

If you’re ready for a big self-revealing sesh, as la Bob Marley, then these papers are perfect for you.
Full Disclosure: I received some free products from Shine, and it turns out smoking gold joints really does make you feel like a baller.

Cones are so much easier than rolling joints. Plus, you can’t really get that funnel shape if you’re rolling by hand — unless you’re some kind of joint-rolling master.
While they have a variety of rolling papers available, their King Size is the largest. Unlike most joint papers on this list, these are 4.25″ long x 1.77″ wide. (Of course, they’re French, so it’s actually 108 millimeters, not inches, merci beaucoup.)
These Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers stand out because they’re the iconic gold rolling papers.
But if you’re looking to roll a classic joint, you can’t go wrong with these.
These Raw Cones include a total of 18 pre-roll cones for an incredibly low price.

They measure 1.25 inches, and include a hemp base. This means they burn slowly, allowing you to fully enjoy how outrageously bougie you’ve suddenly become.

Want to roll perfect joints? Start with the best rolling papers available now. Can't roll a decent joint? No worries: We included some pre-rolled cones.