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alien vs triangle

Techniques used (LST, topping etc) : Supercropping

1L does matter for sure. I am aiming for 3g grows really, the 1Ls just fill space as satellite plants and teach me things. I used to use 2L cola bottles but these seem to give more yield so I’m heading down this route for now.
Day sex was shown : 21

Trim ease 9 – I do the roughest of trims, it’ll make you guys grimace I’m sure – see my albums.
Aroma level whilst growing 6
Container size : 1 litre airpot
Seedling – (front row, far left)
Final plant size : Didn’t measure height

She did start to yellow quite early and definitely could have been fatter and denser. I felt the same about her sister plant (the Sour Stomper), so I’m wondering if the watering schedule was too frequent and essentially flushing the pots 1L pots continuously, so dialing that back a bit based on her and we shall see what the next set of 1Ls do.

r/MephHeads: A home for growers of Mephisto Genetics.

Vipar300 and a no-name “1000W”.

Height of plant: 67 cm
Regular potting soil supplemented with perlite and bat guano (Plagron brand)

Very easy to grow. No problems. Alien eats well, grows fast with heavy It will benefit from LST to reduce the number of popcorn buds. When sorting buds, I am very critical and suppose 1/3 of the buds went the same way as the trim: To the freezer for hash.
Strain: Alien vs. Triangle F2
Excellent strong indica stone! Very nice high. If the plant was allowed to mature another week, I suppose it results in a perfect coach lock effect.

RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good
Did it autoflower: Yes!

The bags are packed to order. Realizing the bag is not just picked from the shelf gives a strong feeling of customer care and very serious business. As customer, I feel the Company want me to have a feel good experience with their products and service.

SeedBank: Mephisto Genetics Strain: Alien vs. Triangle F2 Did it autoflower: Yes! Soil/hydro: Soil Description Regular potting soil supplemented with…