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alien carts

On that Instagram account, they list a California License number 10002329, belonging to Loud Pack, makers of Heavy Hitters. You can search for it here. AliensRx might be made by Loud Pack, but we emailed them to confirm and will update this post once we receive a response.

  • Appears to be licensed
  • Strong

Notice: DabConnection does not offer any medical advice nor guarantees the safety of any of the products reviewed on the site. The FDA currently advises against vaping THC. This particular product appears to be black market and may pose additional dangers beyond state-regulated cartridges.

Pros :

    No background information

A shiny little box with strange figured characters and an alien face, no child safety lock and they come in 26 pieces per box. This cart seems very suspicious given the information available. The box seems very attention-grabbing but that’s about it. Claims to be 98%, but unless it’s a sticker with fresh lab results, we don’t trust it.
Cons :
Claimed to be a cannabis cup winner, Aliens Rx carts are definitely a good hit, but where is the source? A California based company with a mysterious background, AliensRx remains a low key company. Research showed nothing about them on cannabis cups, but one strange thing did pop up. The website for Aliens RX and original Instagram are currently down. Now they are up as @AliensRx_Cail.

Aliens Rx might just be a labeling company similar to Dank Vapes or any other black market cart, the only difference is the this one states the company that produces them. Besides that, all the information we could find is provided by threads and people, concluding these carts still have almost no background.

Aliens Rx claims to be a California based company, but these THC vape cartridges don't have proper lab stickers. Check out our review.