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alaskan thunder f seeds

Although quite rare, this beauty became very popular thanks to its unique blend and powerful euphoria. Users say it hits you immediately, and it hits you hard. The instantaneous high creates feelings of relaxation and happiness. Some say the colors of the world looks brighter all the way around.

It also induces a very healthy appetite, making it an excellent strain for treating eating disorders. Cancer patients may use this strain to treat nausea and induce appetites while completing chemotherapy or radiation treatments.
Alaskan Thunder Fuck has very few side effects, which is why this rare cannabis is so sought after by savvy users. Some have reported experiencing mild bouts of paranoia and quick moments of nervousness, although quite rare.

This strain has very strong CBD levels. Because of this, there are rare occasions when users experience minor headaches and slight dizziness. ATF will cause dry eyes, which can be treated with OTC eye drops.
We will continue searching for ATF seeds so you can add this strain to your collection.
Because ATF is a native of Alaska, it’s known to survive cold weather when grown outdoors. However, your plants will still need plenty of exposure to the sun, as well as excellent plant food, to thrive in colder climates.
Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, is a legendary sativa-dominant strain of cannabis. It’s extremely rare; so rare, in fact, that it’s almost impossible to get your hands on its genetics. Most people will never come across this marijuana in their lifetimes. Here’s a little information about it:
Alaskan Thunder Fuck seeds are very hard to come by, as its legendary genetics are very rare. If you’ve ever grown ATF, you were lucky to get your hands on those seeds. Please share your experiences growing this strain in the comments below.

During the 1970s, there was a desire to create a strain that made users more cheerful. So, it was crossed once more with Afghani genetics. And Alaskan Thunder Fuck was born, straight from the cold climate of the Last Frontier.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, is a legendary sativa-dominant strain. Learn everything there's to know about ATF

Alaskan thunder f seeds

Alaskan Thunderfuck Feminized

After one hit I was high. After two I was stoned, but when the bowl was gone, so was I.
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Read the Alaskan Thunder Fuck seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck seeds.
Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds
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Is it good to know what the flavor of Alaskan Thunder Fuck is before you buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck seeds online. It said Alaskan Thunder Fuck tastes mostly like:
Alaskan Thunderfuck Feminized Seeds

Holy sweet jumped up sativa, Batman. This has to be the most aptly named strain yet. As powerful and as potent as being screwed by an angry Thor. Good if unique taste, rather a sweet note. Has good legs, at 5 to 6. Definitely worth getting when possible. Extraordinary body effects for a sativa. Get some and have intimate relations with the God of Thunder today!

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