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alaska cannabis seeds

My friends love Alaskan Thunder fuck to help get them to relax and I grow it for some years already. This time, not all my seeds became plants, anyway thanks

$ 59.00 – $ 99.00 20% VAT
And now, let’s talk about the non-pleasant side of this marijuana. The good news is any adverse effect will pass by really fast. The bad news is that you may feel really nervous or even paranoid while smoking Alaskan Thunderfuck. The last but not the least side effect, of this girl, is dizziness combined with headaches.

This girl has a load of smells in her! The sweet and pungent aroma will surround you, changing tastes with each puff. It will go from woody to pine, then to earthy flavor with unexpected sweet hints of banana. This strain will hit you fast, allowing you to feel the eternal happiness and euphoria. Alaskan Thunderfuck is better for daytime use due to its energizing effect that will make you light in your head and extremely productive.
A hybrid of Russian Ruderalis, an unnamed Northern California strain, and Afghani indica, Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds are known for the perfect plant balance between indica and sativa. With a woody aroma and hints of sweet notes, Alaskan Thunderfuck is a true skunk. The flowering time is in late October; it takes eight to nine weeks for Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds to grow into a bush and bloom. The effect is truly pleasant – you will feel energized, happy, and light-headed. That is why this strain is so popular among people suffering from depression, panic attacks, and anxiety. Buy Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds at Dutch Seeds Shop!
If you ever buy Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds, you will be surprised by the plant that will grow from them. This phenotype is rather popular in the North due to its intense CBD level and the feeling of high it brings. Try these fast-flowering cannabis seeds and take a trip to Alaska!
Alaskan Thunderfuck is perfect marijuana for those who suffer from severe mental conditions such as PTSD, depression, or chronic stress and anxiety. Thanks to its sativa component, this weed will spice up your life, bringing lots of positivity to it. You can also manage headaches and even strong migraines with this phenotype.
If you want to grow Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds, try planting them in a cool, northern climate – don’t forget what Alaska stands for! These weed seeds thrive outdoors but can be grown indoors as well. However, if you want your yields to be rich and fruitful, cultivate this marijuana plant outdoors. In such a case, you will be rewarded, with 32 oz. of high-quality product per plant, compared to 16 oz. when cultivating indoors. This strain is pretty much easy to grow and produces tight buds covered in orange hairs and crystals. And the smell of it all – just delicious! Try and find Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds in your local seed bank – you will not be disappointed!

I am growing my first plants. DSS really came through. I ordered 10 ATF seeds way back in Oct. 2019. By December I still hadn’t seen any seeds. I let them know and by Jan I got my seeds. Then today I got 10 more! They are good for their word. I will buy from nobody else in the future. In 3 months I’ll let you know the quality of the bud. Right now I have 3 seedlings just starting to grow.

Alaskan Thunderfuck is a feminized strain with a medium yield. Grow difficulty: Medium. Alaskan Thunderfuck is a cross between North American sativa, Afghani genetics, and Russian Ruderalis. Flowering period 8-9 weeks. FREE. Seeds. Delivery to the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.