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ak 47 seeds

Ak 47 seeds

The breeders used Colombian (sativa), Mexican (sativa), Thai (sativa) and Afghani to make AK-47. The result was a sativa-dominant hybrid, with 65% sativa and 35% indica heritage. Back then, the THC content of AK-47 was considered quite high with 13–20%, although compared to more recent strains this is now considered average. Her CBD and CBN percentage sits at a decent 1.5%.

The lineage of AK-47 is believed to go all the way back to Thai and Afghani crosses of the 1970s. The strain itself, however, didn’t come into existence until the early 1990s, and saw further improvement in 1999, so that it can produce more uniform seeds.
It didn’t take long for her to become one of the most celebrated cannabis varieties. She won countless cannabis awards because of her great effect, and for her excellent flavour and resin production.

  • Great Flavours And Aroma

Most cannabis aficionados have likely heard about AK-74, the award-winning cannabis classic that is still very popular today. Considered a true masterpiece of cannabis strains, she provides marijuana connoisseurs with the best of both indica and sativa, in one rewarding hybrid. Some of the best qualities of the strain are her superb high, complex flavour profile and good yields. She has won countless awards, at times crowned as best sativa or best indica.
The scent of AK-47 is intensive yet pleasant: she blends earthy notes with zesty hints of pine wood, together with subtle citrus aromas. The result is a dank, somewhat skunky and spicy aroma that thanks to citrus notes is also enticingly refreshing.
Our autoflowering variety of AK-47 grows even faster, so that you can harvest her in 9–10 weeks after you have planted your seeds. The plant grows to a compact 60–100cm which makes her ideal for growing indoors, even if space is an issue. With 15% of THC, she is only slightly less potent than her feminized sister. You can look forward to harvest as much as 160g per plant with our Royal AK Automatic!
Contrary to what her name my may suggest, AK-47 isn’t a strain that will knock you out. Thanks to her sativa side, she delivers a euphoric cerebral high, with a mellow physical stone. This makes her ideal as a daytime strain and a great social smoke that is a lot of fun to share. When you use her, you can still function and go about your day. But at the same time she is also very soothing and relaxing, and puts you in a good mood. This makes AK-47 a good choice if you want a smoke just to have a good time, or if you want to get rid of stress and anxiety, no matter the time of the day. With her pleasant effect, she is also a favourite for medicinal users, helping with chronic pains, eating disorders and insomnia.

The complex flavours of AK-47 are yet another reason why so many love the strain. She has sweet and earthy Kush notes that she mixes with tastes of rubber, floral notes and hints of wood.

AK-47 is a classic cannabis strain that is widely enjoyed by many. Find out everything you want to know about this formidable strain!