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ace seeds

Ace seeds

A.C.E. Seeds is a community of cannabis breeders and connoisseurs dedicated to the study and preservation of this marvelous plant, and to help maintain and preserve its biodiversity. Furthermore, they believe in the medicinal value of cannabinoids and their therapeutic versatility.

A.C.E. Seeds blister packs are offered in quantities of 3 seeds.
Seeds from the A.C.E. bank are cared for throughout every step of the process. It is vital that seeds are not damaged in transit. They must also be kept at a consistent temperature of 4ºC in order to be viable. A.C.E. Seeds is conscious of their environmental impact and the safety of the seeds. Their technological solution is a cardboard casing that keeps seeds from physical harm and moderates their temperature.

Access for adults only
Malawi is a 100% pure Sativa landrace from Central Africa. This weed provides an extraordinarily powerful, intense and psychedelic high of more than 4 hours of duration. Highly recommended for die-hard and experienced smokers with a high tolerance – novices should approach this stuff with optimistic caution. Requires 11-14 weeks to reach maturity.
ACE Seeds crossed Purple Haze with Kali China and created an almost pure Sativa. This strain stretches a lot, and produces strong side branches, making it ideal to be grown in a ScrOG. The high is characterized by strong uplifting Haze effects, and gives smokers an introspective experience with psychedelic elements. The flowering time is long but worth the wait, up to 12-14 weeks.
ACE Seeds crossed Purple Haze with African genetics of New Killer Malawi. This 100% pure Sativa will finish after a flowering time of 13-15 weeks, and produces a long-lasting Haze high of the finest quality. Purple Haze x Malawi is first-rate cannabis, not only due to strong effects. The flavours ranging from blackberry liqueur to incense, exotic wood, and citrus are the purest delight!

Bangi Haze by ACE Seeds will finish its flowering time after 9-10 weeks, and is a good choice for novices. It’s not only strain for indoor cultivation, but it will also thrive outdoors, even in colder climates. Bangi Haze has 70% Sativa genetics, and was created by hybridizing selected lineages of Congolese with genetics from the Nepal region. Strong energetic high and sweet flavours of anise!

A.C.E. Seeds believes in the medicinal value of cannabinoids, and are known for their community of cannabis breeders. Buy A.C.E. Seeds at Zamnesia!