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acdc cbd flower

With vaping this, I immediately got that “in and around the eyes” feel, almost indica-like. But it was more heady, than body. But where you would usually cross over in to a deeper experience, this had me right at a comfortable threshold, not totally thrown in. It lasted a while and then leveled off into a clear but very mellow state, still very apparent in feeling.

It really works!! I vaped this after waiting months for my dispensary (Curaleaf) to replenish their supply of ACDC, as I just couldn’t wait anymore. I have been in so much pain lately and as a result of that chronic and intense pain I can’t seem to get rid of, I’ve been so cranky, miserable and tired all the time. A few vapes of this stuff and not only is my pain gone, but my energy and natural good mood have been completely restored!! I’m totally giving Curaleaf their walking papers as of right this minute. This stuff is just as good, much more consistent, affordable, and easily attainable (Curaleaf is 3 hours from my house 1 way!!) I feel like a prayer has litterally been answered!! Thank you so much Fields of Hemp!! I will now be sending you my paycheck instead of my mean ol dispensary .
Michelle – February 3, 2019

Cathie Grant (verified owner) – March 21, 2019
Fan of AC/DC – January 11, 2019
Renee & Josh (verified owner) – January 19, 2019

    Tests out at 15.6% CBDa and Delta 9 THC levels AC/DC

Ordering was a breeze, the quality of the hemp flowers is amazing, and the pricing is excellent.

Buss – January 12, 2019

Acdc cbd flower Our “Famous”, organically grown premium quality AC/DC Flower. Tests out at 15.6% CBDa and Delta 9 THC levels AC/DC Fan of AC/DC – January 11, 2019 It really

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ACDC is a hybrid cannabis strain.