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4 assed monkey

From seed to harvest date:

Light (kind and schedule):
Straight to the head. This one was definitely gg4 dominant. Gg4 for me goes straight to the head then floats into the body. While smoking it clouds the head with strong psychoactive effects. After about 15 minutes I feel the effects sink into the body and relax all the muscles. After about 25 minutes my head space clears up while the muscles continue to feel no pain. It keeps me functional throughout the day, for some it may be a bit too heavy. Total overall duration is short (1 hour) due to my extremely high tolereance.

4 assed monkey (gorilla glue [HASHTAG]#4[/HASHTAG] x grape crinkle)
None. Un pH’ed well water her whole life
The flowers didn’t get extremely tight but they sure are frosty! Most people should want to smoke it based off the look alone but there are some that might be turned off by the looser structure.
Did it autoflower?:
6 gallons of soil, of the super variety. Super soil in the lower half, nectar of the gods number 8 topsoil. The super soil was on its 5th cycle, super active!!


Crazy loud terpene profile. She definitely smelled during growth and reeks even more in the jar. Gg4 all the way, fresh rubber and glue with the slightest hint of pine and grapes from the grape crinkle. Be careful with her terps, very stinky in the greatest way possible.

SeedBank : Mephisto genetics Strain: 4 assed monkey (gorilla glue #4 x grape crinkle) Did it autoflower?: Yes, day 16. Soil/hydro: 6 gallons of…