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2015 cannabis cup winner

2015 cannabis cup winner

3rd Place – Tangie Shatter – AU Extracts

1st Place – Vader Extracts

3rd Place – Oil Slick – Oil Slick
Here’s the complete list of winners:
1st Place – Tangie #17 – Gold Coast Extracts
2nd Place – Affagato Bar – Incredibles

2nd Place – Starkiller – Greenman Cannabis

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2015 cannabis cup winner

2. Trichome Heavy Extracts with G.C. Rebellion Farms, Greenwolf LA and DNA – Strawberry Banangieland 120-73 micron

2. Pink House with IncrEdibles – Fresh Frozen Space Valley OG
2. Aficinado with FreeBorn Selections – The Nubia

3. Native Roots – Orange Herijuana Shatter
Around 6:30, the people started finding their way into the large stage area, where the awards were to take place. It appeared as though this was nap time; that is, until Dab Star and Vader Extracts came to the room. Then, all of a sudden, shouting, cheering, whistling. These guys were giving out hundreds of dollars in merch, just because they love us so much. We love you too, Dab Star, and Vader Extracts!
3. ISODIOL S.A. – Industrial Hemp CBD Extract
2. Cloud V – Cloud V
1. Greenwolf and Top Shelf Terps – T.S.T. Cookies

2. Private Stock for Buds and Roses of LA – Veganic Strawberry Cough

The results, are in. With the largest number of entries to date, this was certainly not an awards ceremony to miss. Cannabis Cup 2015 : Full List of Winners.