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2013 cannabis cup winner

2013 cannabis cup winner

Congratulations to all the winners!

CBD Flowers:
Cannatonic – Elemental Seeds
Import Hash:
1st – Green Place – Twizzla
2nd – Green House – Chemdog Cream
3rd – The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop – Maroc Lemon Haze

Seed Company Hybrid:
1st – Somari – Soma’s Sacred Seeds
2nd – Girl Scout Cookies – Tahoe Wellness Cooperative
3rd – Dieseltonic – Resin Seeds
Best Booth:
1st – Big Buddha Seeds
2nd – Devil’s Harvest
3rd – Sensi Seeds
CBD Concentrate:
CBD Simple – Hemp Company / Seed Company
Seed Company Hash:
Lemon Cleaner OG Nectar – TCLabs / TerpX / EmoTek
Whitewalker OG – Gold Coast Extracts
Chemblend Solventless Wax – Elemental Seeds / Essential Extracts / Johnny Trill
Coffeeshop Flowers:
1st – Green Place – Rollex OG Kush
2nd – Green House – Flowerbomb Kush
3rd – The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop – Tangie

Neder Hash:
1st – Green House – Lemon Crystal
2nd – Green Place – Shoreline Solventless
3rd – The Bushdoctor Coffeeshop – Tangie Wax

2013 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam


3- Veganic Platinum Girl Scout Cookies by Buds and Roses Collective & Private Stock LA
2- Humboldt OG Shatter by Golden State Extracts

The two day-long expo took place at Craneway Pavilion right outside of San Francisco in Richmond, CA, where approximately ten thousand medical marijuana patients came out to again celebrate the best medicine on the planet, cannabis.
Three designated ‘medication’ areas were filled with the booths of California’s premier canna-companies and guests mulling about waiting for their turn to sample some of the best flowers, edibles, topicals, and concentrates the state’s dispensaries have to offer.
Doc Green’s Therapeutic Healing Cream by Doc Green’s Healing Collective
Concentrate: C.B.CandD Oil by MTG Seeds & First Class Concentrates

2- Phish OG by Sovereign Wellness Center

The 4th annual HIGH TIMES San Francisco Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup came to a successful end Sunday night after a long weekend of countless dabs and tons of entertaining …