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12 12 light cycle from seed

12 12 light cycle from seed

Many Growers Who Want To Force Cannabis Plants to Flower at a Young Age May Be Interested in Auto-Flowering Strains – No Need for 12-12 and Often Much Better Yields!

The problems I’ve had with forcing cannabis to flower early is that since the plant is much smaller, you get smaller yields, but you’re still basically spending about the same amount of time to grow the plant as if you’d grown it bigger.
But does the 12-12 from seed technique work to give you a faster harvest, and if so, what are the results?

Some people say that cannabis that is forced to flower too early will not make any buds, but that’s not true. The plant pictured here produced 0.75 ounces of bud after drying. So while 12-12 from seed may not be optimal, it does work.
I have grown a few plants from seed to harvest just in a solo cup container. I was able to do this by flowering a plant from a young age – giving the plant 12-12 lighting when it was only 3 weeks old (pictured here).
There are powerful cannabis growth control techniques that will also allow you to grow high-producing plants, while keeping them short.
Keeping plants in tiny containers may be important when growing in a very space-limited grow space, such as growing in a space bucket for stealth reasons.
Some growers are attracted to the idea of 12-12 from seed, because it means that harvest will come sooner. How long does it take to grow a plant from seed to harvest?

Giving a 12-12 shedule when a cannabis plant is younger than that will not work to make the cannabis start flowering – a cannabis plant will only grow vegetatively for the first few weeks of life, and giving them less light will only cause them to grow more slowly.

Learn what it means to give your plants "12-12 from seed" to force them to start making buds early.

12 12 light cycle from seed

This seedling took 4 months from seed to harvest, and yielded only 1/2 of an ounce. I think it looks kind of cool, but 1/2 ounces is not a good harvest after waiting so long. You can double or triple your total yields per plant by tweaking the light schedule a little during the first few weeks

Auto-Flowering Strains – When Time is of the Essence!
If you haven’t heard this term before, “12/12 from seed” means giving your cannabis seedling 12 hours of light, and 12 hours of dark each day from the moment of germination. Providing a 12/12 light schedule initiates the flowering stage and causes cannabis plants to start making buds. The idea is to get a new seedling to start flowering as quickly as possible, so it takes less time to harvest.

What is “Sea of Green” (SoG)?
A “12 /12” light schedule means giving your plant 12 hours light & 12 hours darkness each day (this initiates the cannabis flowering stage)
A 12/12 light schedule was initiated right after the above picture. Here are those same plants a little over a month later, after they’ve started making buds (plants will double or triple in height after the switch to 12/12, especially young plants). As you can see, they are already far bigger plants than the first example, and bigger plants can support bigger buds.
This is how you achieve plants that look like the one below at harvest (why was this plant defoliated?). Because the plant was allowed to get bigger before it started flowering, it yielded 3-4 times as much as the plant given 12/12 from seed.
3.5 months, maybe a few days later), but you will get far bigger yields.

The problem is that seedlings can’t start flowering until they’re 3-4 weeks old no matter what light schedule you give them, so there’s no point in starting right at 12/12 when they’re under 3 weeks old. When you give the plant 3-4 weeks of 18/6, THEN switch to 12/12, you will get far better results because the plant will get more light in those crucial first few weeks and end up much bigger by the time it’s ready to make the switch.

12/12 from seed has a big problem. Learn about a better alternative called "Sea of Green" that gives you bigger yields in the same amount of time!