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100% sativa strains

100% sativa strains

Usually, people looking for a deep feeling of relaxation opt for indica strains, while those seeking an uplifting and energetic sense favor sativa strains. This is a basic guide meant for those who are looking for the best sativa strains.

Jack Herer is a very popular cannabis strain for a very long time now and even today it is on the top in the list of best sativa strains among smokers and growers alike. Having long fingered, narrow leaves, this strain produces frosty and dense buds thick with resin. It is a little more difficult to cultivate this when compared to several other marijuana plants. This plant loves to grow tall and needs lots of patience during the flowering stage. Thismedicinal grade marijuana is on top of the list for connoisseurs.
Durban Poison

Published : 11/4/2014 12:17:12
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G13 Haze
Purple Power
Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain with a functional and uplifting high similar to that of Thai weed. It is a highly socializing strain and can be pretty giggly, apt for sharing with companions and enjoying at gatherings and parties. Though there are several hybrid varieties of this strain available, the original weed is a real inbred line and never crossed. This lanky, tall plant has purple or dark brown pistils with a distinctive liquorice flavor. The buds are heavy and long, making for a good production.
A pure sativa strain, Purple Power certainly has all the characteristics of one in this category. It is produced to remain more stable in wetter, cooler climates while still retaining the high produce and distinctive purpose color. When grown under the right conditions, it is capable of producing more than 1,000 grams per plant in tropical regions. The kind of high Purple Power produces is a pure sativa buzz, which is social and leaves the smoker open for creative ideas.

There are innumerable strains of sativa available in the seed market today. Out of all the available varieties, we have hand-picked these are the top 4 sativa cannabis strains for you.

Today, there are several individuals who smoke marijuana across the world and cannabis cultivators are on the rise.

100% sativa strains

Green Honduras Haze from the Spanish seed bank ACE Seeds is a cannabis hybrid created from by crossing two 100% Sativa varieties that contain genes from the landrace sativas of the 60s and 70s with great vegetative vigour,&nb [. ]

Growers and breeders have been selecting and crossing Sativa and Indica plants for more than 30 years, creating the countless hybrids that we enjoy today.
There are two main types of cannabis, Sativas – from tropical and equatorial areas – and Indicas, which are endemic from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Add a touch of the Caribbean to your garden with Sensi Seeds’ sensational Jamaican Pearl, now available in feminised seeds on Alchimiaweb. The result of crossing Early Pearl clon, a very reliable outdoor sativa, with a mixture of Caribbean genetics, [. ]
Super Sativa Seed Club presents Prima Holandica, a pure Sativa variety with a Haze soul, very fruity and productive. It is now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue at It is a cross between an Old School Haze and a Super [. ]
Cum Laude is a cannabis strain with which the Positronics seed bank wanted to pay tribute to Professor Antonio Escohotado for his activism and for having devoted much of his life to the regularisation and normalisation of cannabis. Cum Laude is a cr [. ]
Seeds Of Africa presents its Swazi Gold variety, a 100% Sativa line from Swaziland, characterised by its generous production, its fruity aroma of mango and its soaring high effect, now in the regular seed collection at Alchimia! Swazi Gold is native [. ]
Philosopher Seeds present Early Maroc, sourced from early-flowering, 100% Sativa Moroccan landrace hash-producing genetics, these seeds give extremely fast results and are recommended exclusively for outdoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation. Early [. ]

Seeds Of Africa present regular seeds of Durban Magic, a 100% Sativa Landrace variety from Africa, known to be consumed by warriors of the Zulu tribe for its great stimulating power.It is native to the “Valley of 1000 Hills”, an area of hills co [. ]

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