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100 og kush

100 og kush

$100 OG, an original OG phenotype, as expected, has well-balanced effects. Users who have not tried it shouldn’t discount the weed as a gentle type, though. With a toke or two, it can put enjoyers in a mild couch-lock while soaring in cerebral skies. Every penny spent on this mean puncher is truly worth it.

Additionally, cases of cotton mouth and dry eyes are typical too. These two offshoots are pretty common when consuming any cannabis variants. To avoid or remedy them, drinking plenty of fluids and taking in moderate doses is the key.
The many benefits of $100 OG’s well-balanced effects gave it a huge loyal following. Even medical users are able to reap the advantages of its use. This strain’s medicinal value serves people suffering from several mental and corporeal conditions.

In a favorable indoor setting, the plant can produce up to 350 grams per square meter. Aptly nurture it as it flowers for nine weeks and adopt a SOG setup to achieve its maximum yield. The flora can also grow lavishly outdoors in a Mediterranean-like climate. Should one’s location may not be as ideal, such as those in northern areas, proper timing is the key. Planting around end April until late May and harvesting by October is the most optimal.
The kicker is best used by veterans for an afternoon smoke out or an early evening chill. It’s important to know, however, that a tad bit more will cause its Indica content to be more evident. Complete physical sedation will manifest. Then, a journey to dreamland will soon follow. For an experience that gives the freedom for light movements, keep it low and slow with $100 OG.
Not the best weed for beginners and THC sensitive users, $100 OG may cause psychological hyperactivity. The fortunate ones may just feel dizzy. However, others may experience heightened paranoia or anxiety.
Why keep buying this hard-hitting bud, though, when a whole stash of it can be grown instead? Uncomplicated to cultivate, even beginners can try their luck with this skunky delight. With it in the growery, one can enjoy a year-round supply without back-breaking efforts.
Cultivating $100 OG is not as complicated as handling other variants. It has thick, sturdy branches that can endure heavy weights and quite forceful winds. Not the kind with many stems, the minimal number assures less pruning and trimming.

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With a soaring cerebral high and an extremely soothing body effect, $100 OG is a must-try for lovers of hard-hitting weeds that give well-balanced effects.