Trusted Interior Designers in Denver – San Diego – Manhattan Luxe Interiors by Janis Rand

Trusted Interior Designers in Denver – San Diego – Manhattan Luxe Interiors by Janis Rand

Trusted Interior Designers in Denver – San Diego – Manhattan

Luxe Interiors by Janis Rand


About Luxe Interiors

LUXE Interiors is a full-service, home remodeling company. Our Tradesmen are licensed and insured and offer a level of expertise, attention to detail, and in-home service that is genuinely exceptional. Our small size is by design and intended to preserve the degree of personal attention, flexibility and communication required in a truly custom approach. We take pride in maintaining high standards of ethics, professionalism, and passion in our chosen field. In order to provide the best service to our Clients, who desire home remodeling work, LUXE Interiors has developed an excellent system of Consult, Design and Build remodeling that puts your needs and budget first. Please consider these elements thoroughly in evaluating the suitability of our company for your project.

About Janis Rand

An accomplished interior designer, Janis Rand brings a unique eye to each of her designs. Known for her keen sense of color and refined use of materials, J.R’s clientele admire the originality she brings to the well-appointed spaces she creates.

J.R attended Eastern Michigan University and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design and comes  with a comprehensive design background. She has managed residential projects from the ground up working with her clients to select timeless finishes and furnishings. J.R is known for her distinctive, affluent yet refreshing design solutions.

In 1998, J.R decided to take her passion for Interior Design and Remodeling and move to Denver, Colorado . She started her own Denver based design firm. Due to the size of her business she prided herself on her ability to provide an attentive level of service to her clientele, a philosophy which continues today with Luxe Interiors.

J.R has perfected her skills through her hands-on experience with large renovation projects and new residential builds. Noted for creating room designs with sophisticated color sense and innovative finishes and furnishings, J.R’s distinctive style reflects her passion for the unexpected grounded by her knowledge of design theory. Though her trademark visual detailing may be present, each project varies, reflecting the tastes and needs of her clients.

Design process & services

Initial Consultation Thank you for inviting LUXE Interiors into your home to discuss your home improvement needs. You have taken the first steps to improving your home’s value, comfort, and appeal and we appreciate being part of that process. We understand it’s your home, and we strive to deliver the greatest return on your investment.

We create memories

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation, generally in your home, includes all parties important to the decision-making process. In most cases this means both husband and wife, or partners. This step involves a thorough interview and time spent listening to your needs. It’s vital for the Client to be presented with a detailed explanation of how we do business, what our capabilities are, and a representation of the kinds of options available from today’s home living options. Often our Clients have limited understanding of the wonderful and exciting features in today’s custom kitchens and bathrooms. Equally important is the opportunity to identify the lifestyle requirements, desires and expectations of the Client. The primary goal of this meeting is to determine if LUXE Interiors, and the Client, are a “good fit” for the project and also to solidify the general requirements of your home improvement plan.

During this time the second Home Consultant will be measuring the space, taking pictures and creating a rough drawing. This process helps us to create the best design layout and estimate specifically for you.

Step 2: Design and Estimate Presentation

LUXE Interiors begins the Design and Estimate process at the Initial Consultation. We usually request an appointment to meet with all the decision makers on your project about a week to ten days after the initial consultation. Our Home Consultant brings the design layout and Specification and Estimate document. We walk you through your free initial design; discuss the scope of work; and the estimated price. If you choose to have us do design revisions or are ready to get on our construction schedule, you will be asked to sign the Specification and Estimate document and pay LUXE Interiors a design deposit of a specific amount tailored to your specific project.

design process

You are asked to review the renderings and inject your revisions or approval. We go back to the drawing board and make the revisions that you request and create the construction agreement and detailed design based upon your requests. When we come to an agreement, and you sign a construction agreement with LUXE Interiors, the design deposit will be applied to your overall project cost.

Step 3: Construction Agreement and Process

Once the Construction Agreement has been signed the LUXE Interiors team goes to work. This is where our smaller size, by design, comes into play. In order to preserve that degree of personal attention, flexibility, and communication required, the owner of the company, your CONSULTANT- J.R, is involved as your Project Manager/Consultant and is NOT CONSIDERED A GENERAL CONTRACTOR as her SUB-CONTACTORS are working on a REFERRAL BASIS for your convenience and they are ultimately responsible for the guarantee and warranty of their individual work performed in the home. You will often see her occasionally supervising during demo work, framing, and finishing work (as needed and at her discretion) and handling the many aspects of your project with her quality subcontractors. They love what they do!


Prior to starting, a pre-construction meeting will be held with you, the homeowner, and your Project Manager. Here we will discuss the logistics of your project. We will discuss the agreement contents one last time to make sure we all agree on what we are building. Once again, our smaller size helps us maintain flexibility during the course of the project, enabling us to present changes as we go. We strive for Design and Build and are flexible enough to Build and Design…the best of both worlds! We will work with you to prepare a list of decisions you will need to make and when. We guide you through your material selections, what to look for and where. J.R, your LUXE Interior Design Consultant, with you and the sub-contractor team to ensure that all work is done in a timely and professional manner.


Construction Process:

• Demolition Phase: Removal of fixtures, cabinets, appliances, flooring, etc. • Initial Construction Phase: framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC • Drywall Phase: hanging, texture, primer, paint • Trim and Finishes Phase: doors, woodwork, lights, cabinets, counter, appliances, tile, carpet • Completion & Acceptance Phase

Follow Up: In certain situations a return trip(s) are necessary to touch up finishes or correct issues encountered by Client. We always pay attention to the details. We’re not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Warranty: LUXE Interiors SUB-CONTRACTORS warrants their workmanship for a period of 1 YEAR, to the original Client. Our policy is to honor all manufacturer warranties on equipment purchased from us and includes diagnosis, removal for service if needed, and installation after repair or replacement, at no charge to the Client, throughout the original warranty period. This warranty does not include issues that may arise from the integrity of the original structure (i.e. floor and foundation settling, damage from existing plumbing, electrical, or mechanical systems, and any or all unforeseen circumstances).

Fully satisfied Clients are our commitment and the foundation of our referral-based business. We remodel kitchens, bathrooms and execute whole home redesign projects to meet a wide range of budgets and needs, yet provide a truly inspirational design to enjoy for many years of enjoyment. We truly have fun at what we do and that energy is passed on to the spaces we remodel.

Thank you for considering LUXE Interiors as your home improvement contractor.

Sincerely, The LUXE Interior Design Team


Denver, Colorado

San Diego, California

Los Angeles, California

Manhattan, New York


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Trusted Interior Designers in Denver – San Diego – Manhattan Luxe Interiors by Janis Rand

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