Talented Local Artist of the week! – The Amazing, LOCAL – Mythica von Griffyn

Talented Local Artist of the week! – The Amazing, LOCAL – Mythica von Griffyn

Colorado Cannabis Magazine Artist of the week – Amazing, LOCAL – Mythica von Griffyn


About Mythica


Mythica is Colorful Love

“My goal is to create something beautiful, that goes more than skin deep. Body painting and chalk art is a temporal medium that requires the collaborative efforts of photography to give lasting images. I want to travel the world changing minds and lives one body painting at a time. The human canvas is the most sacred of all canvases. I treat every one with the the love and reverence each one deserves. Art saves lives and heals people. I am a body painting shaman. This is sacred work.

I make my living as an artist. I don’t have a side job to pay the bills… this is my life and I love it. I am GREAT at what I do… I have references. I am a professional body painter. I use brushes and hand applications. Everything from beautiful paintings to zombie gore. I have worked with the Beautiful Distractions Modles, Sutra, Cervantes, Ultra Sheer Nightclub, The Church to name a few. I can paint optical illusions, clothing, zombies, halloween, designer clothing, dresses, animals, you name it… if it can be imagined I can do it. Good ART takes HOURS… I can do fast but I won’t make it look like the slap on stuff. To me this is a SPIRITUAL process of painting on love, acceptance, self worth, value, and I am nothing without a partner, my canvas. To me EVERYONE is beautiful. I don’t allow the modles to put any part of their bodies down, or they have to say 3 nice things about themselves to counter act it. I am creativity, love and art in living motion. If there is anything else you want to know… ask me. I am very friendly!”



Check out this video!

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