Suicide Squad Album Heathens Rap Remix Free Download

Suicide Squad Album

Heathens Rap Remix Free Download

suicide squad album

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Hi! Unless you have been without, internet, TV, & Radio; i’m sure you have heard about the highly anticipated Suicide Squad Directed by David Ayer & distributed by Warner Bros. The film, releases August 5, 2016 and should have lines out the door of eagerly waiting DC Comic Fans’. Since, the Suicide Squad initial trailer released last year we have seen many critics, enthusiasts, and artists alike all take a unique spin on the new movie Suicide Squad. That being said, we found a local Detroit Musician who took a creative way of expressing his perception of the new movie, in the way artists do best; Music. Below, i will attach a link to his remix of the Suicide Squad Song Heathens. David Bogard, is the Musicians name and he takes a creative approach to traditional Detroit Rap Music. David, uses personal reflections, comedy, and positive bars; to entertain, motivate, and relate to his listeners. 

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More of David Bogard coming soon, he uploads tracks on YouTube frequently and always has a tongue twisting rhyme worth hearing. Listening to David Bogard, you are always surprised with his galactic range of different vibes. Just last night, i was listening to a mellow track called Just Believe while enjoying a peaceful creative writing session, and this morning while riding my bike to work i was listening to his latest track Too Obtuse ; the remix to the Suicide Squad Song Heathens. David Bogard, always has a reserved place in my treasured playlist…to find more of the Detroit Musicians music: click his picture above to be directed to his YouTube channel. 

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Article by: Caesar Wolfe.