Media Kit – Colorado Cannabis Magazine

Media Kit – Colorado Cannabis Magazine

Media Kit




Colorado Cannabis Magazine is the NEW go-to source for the influential tech-savvy marijuana consumers on the go in today’s fast paced world.

More and more consumers who need to stay in tune choose COLORADO CANNABIS MAGAZINE & MY CITY GUIDE for up-to-date cannabis news on a wide array on marijuana related topics, from marijuana coupons and dispensary locations to marijuana recipes, muscians and local artists. Whatever they need, we’re there for them daily with our USER FRIENDLY platform!

COLORADO CANNABIS MAGAZINE is Tomorrow’s Choice for Marijuana News, Dispensaries & Local Scene:

  •  Unprecedented, Centralized source of information for Colorado Marijuana Dispensary locations, regulations, local events and marijana coupons statewide
  • An emphasis on a USER FRIENDLY with a local scene narrative – locals are the source for inspiration
  •  Real-time, ever present marijuana news, events and daily happenings nationwide provided by Google News
  • Out-front, forward-thinking digital real estate evolution featuring creative digital platforms, mobile apps intergration and innovative video content

Faster. User Friendly.  More Local Content.


Our audience & reach: Reach & Readership

Colorado Cannabis Magazine’s unique visitor base is 545,000 strong and features a male skew. Together our readers generate over 12 million page impressions per month. Colorado Cannabis Magazine is under the corporate umbrella of MY CITY GUIDE DIGITAL MEDIA which currently enjoys a unique visitor base of approx. 9 million strong and features an affluent male & female mix over 35 skew.


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